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5 Reasons for Professional Auto Body Repair

DIY can be fun and rewarding… until something goes wrong. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to leave auto body repair to the pros.

One thing the internet is not short on is advice. You can find tips on just about any project, from home improvement to a health diagnosis, and even publishing a novel. It doesn’t take long to find “hacks” for any project you could dream up. Many DIY projects are a great idea; repainting your home or learning to sew are two fantastic examples of how DIY can save you money.

It turns out that one of the most popular DIY subjects out there is auto body repair. At Island Color, we get excited when car owners want to take things into their own hands. Working on your own vehicle shows a level of pride and care, but there are certain things that your car will appreciate being left to the pros.

Although bad DIY advice about auto body repair isn’t as serious as bad DIY health advice (a Harvard Medical School study found that nearly 50% of online symptom checkers had misdiagnosed their own conditions), it could still land you in a world of hurt. Bad auto body DIY can hurt your car and end up costing you down the road.

Why Avoid DIY Auto Body Repairs

Attempting to do the body work on your own car is a noble idea, but can be problematic. Here are 5 reasons to reconsider DIY auto body repair.


Many people argue for DIY because they believe it will save them money. Fair enough, but what people neglect is how long the repairs will take. Time-consuming preparation, sanding, painting (and paint drying) can turn a simple rust-spot repair into a week-long odyssey.


Paint fumes, fibreglass resin fumes, airborne particulates, and shards of metal are just a few examples of the nastiness that accompanies auto body repair. For health reasons, auto body work should not be done without proper safety equipment and in a well-equipped facility.

Lack-Lustre Result

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to auto body repair. At Island Color, we have decades of experience in small repairs, meaning that we can get jobs done better, faster. If you want a professional quality finish, you need a professional job.

Expensive Tools

Even the simplest of jobs require a variety of expensive niche tools. It makes sense for an auto shop to invest in these tools, but you might quickly run out of space in your garage. At Island Color, we have the latest and greatest in auto body repair equipment and get beautiful results.

Cheaper Than You Think

When you consider the time involved, the equipment used, and the beautiful finish attained, professional auto body work is actually quite reasonable. It is always less expensive to get something done right the first time than it is to fix a botched job.

At Island Color, we can often get small jobs done for less than your insurance deductible. For rock chips, scratches, or small damage, just give us a call and we can get you started on the path back to flawless motoring.

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