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Island Detail Quick Clean

At Island Detail, one of our flagship services is the Quick Clean. We have learned that the easiest and most effective ways to keep your car’s paint in like new condition is regular car washing. Daily use of your vehicle leaves a layer of dust, dirt, and rock debris on the outside of your car. This debris can sit there, aside from ruining the pristine look of your car, but once someone leans or rubs against the exterior, that is when you get into trouble. The abrasive debris will grind scratches into the clear coat of your car’s finish and can ruin the paint underneath. These repairs are the ones we do every day over at Island Color, and believe us when we say you would be much happier with the cost of regular car washes over the cost of car painting. Here is a run down of the Quick Clean, our most popular car wash service. Done in a flash, and guaranteed to give your car’s finish a long and happy life.

Includes wash, clean rims & tires, vacuum, and clean windows inside & out. A great way to keep your vehicle clean at very affordable price.
Includes wash, clean rims & tires, vacuum, and clean windows inside & out. A great way to keep your vehicle clean at a very affordable price.

What's Involved

The Quick Clean is the quickest and most economical way to get your car cleaned inside and out. Our customers are always thrilled by the results and the transformations can be unbelievable.

We start off with a hand wash and towel dry by one of our car detailing professionals. A hand wash protects the exterior surface of the vehicle and the gentle towel dry makes sure there will be no water spots or imperfections, giving you a mirror like shine.

After the car is washed and dried we clean and dress the rims and tires. We get into the hard to reach ares of the inner rims to clean them, and we dress the sidewalls of the tires to give them a glossy shine that will match your hand dried car exterior.

Once the outside is ready, we focus on the inside. We vacuum the interior to bring the carpets and upholstery back to life, and then we clean the center console, cup holders, gear shifter, and driver’s cockpit area. We give the dash a quick wipe down to make sure it matches the rest of the gleaming interior then we move onto the windows.

One of the best parts of this quick clean is the inside and out window cleaning. Ever drive into the sun at sunset and realize how awfully dirty the inside of your windshield is? After our technicians polish the windows and windshield inside and out you will see things from the driver’s seat with more clarity than ever and remind yourself of how great your car looked when it was new.

So fast, so efficient, your car cleaned inside and out faster than you can do it at home.

Quick Clean FAQ

Do I Need An Appointment?

It is best to give us a call ahead. Our detailers can get very busy so an appointment guarantees you a spot. Contact Us Here.

How long does it take?

Generally speaking, you will get your vehicle back in 60-90 minutes. You can grab yourself a Dilly Bar at DQ at the end of the road and be back as we are finishing up.

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