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Island Color Leather & Fabric Protection

Sometimes the realities of life get in the way of having a perfectly clean car. The weather leaves its mark on your paint and glass, and pets, kids, and visitors track all kinds of things onto your leather or fabric upholstery. There isn’t too much we can do to shield the outside from the elements, but there is something we can do to help protect your upholstery from the spills, stains, and dirt that will inevitably come its way.

At Island Color we offer fabric and leather protection that will help to repel stains and odours from ruining your ride. Below we explain exactly how we do it, how long it takes, and how much it costs to keep your interior protected.

$195/ Starting at
Keep you carpets and seats cleaner longer. Your leather and/or fabric will resist soiling and staining while not changing the look or feel of your interior.

What's Involved

The procedure for protecting your interior varies slightly depending on whether your vehicle is outfitted with leather or fabric seats. Either way it involves a thorough clean before protecting so you get the benefit of an interior clean along with your future protection.

Leather: If your vehicle has leather seats, we start by wiping down all of the leather surfaces with cleaner, making sure to get all exposed areas. We will vacuum in the cracks as necessary, since any bits of dirt or grime will interfere with the leather protectant that follows.

After the leather is clean, we apply a waxy paste to the leather and massage it in, leaving it to cure and create a protective barrier that will repel body oils, spill, and stains from seeping into your leather upholstery.

Fabric: For vehicles with fabric seats we begin with a vacuum and shampoo to get all of the dirt and debris out from the fabric before we begin the protection process. If a vehicle is brand new it may not need this step, but for all used cars it is essential.

After the fabric has been cleaned and completely dried, we apply a fabric protection spray and leave it to dry so it create a protective barrier on the fibres of the fabric. Upholstery that has been sprayed will enjoy increased protection against spills and stains, keeping your interior looking newer longer.

Leather & Fabric FAQ

Are there ever extra charges?

Only if there was a unique challenge with your vehicle, otherwise the price above gets you interior protection for leather or fabric upholstery in all cars, SUVs, trucks, or minivans.

How long does it take?

It tends to take about 4 hours from start to finish. So play to being it in in the morning and take it home in the evening.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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