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Give A Little, Get A Little
A holdiay promotion that really shines.

One thing we have noticed at the detail shop is that 100% of people LOVE a really clean car. Another thing we have noticed is that not everyone likes to wash, shampoo, or vacuum their on a regular basis (or at all). So, with this in mind, we have a great idea to help you give a gift to a loved one and get a little something back in return.

From now through the month of December, any Complete Detail Package purchased at Island Detail includes a gift card for a FREE $50 Quick Clean.  This means you can gift someone you love with a complete inside-and-out detail for Christmas and get a free car wash for yourself. Or you could give away the Quick Clean too…or maybe you keep the complete detail and stuff a stocking with the Quick Clean? Tough to say, but the choice is yours. We have very handsome gift cards available that make the gift seem even more special. Read on to see what is included in each package, and contact us today to claim your free gift.

Complete Detail Package
Inch by Inch, Inside & Out

We believe that your vehicle should be a source of passion and pride. There are few things in life as breathtaking as an absolutely pristine, mirror like shine on a vehicle. When you see a black car shining so bright that you would swear it is dripping with black ink, or a colourful painted surface reflecting with more facets than an expertly cut diamond, it can take your breath away. When your guests enter the cabin they should feel a sense of quiet enjoyment, a relaxing and calming atmosphere, and a desire to linger and take the long way home.

For clients who are the most discerning and most particular, and for customers whose vehicle’s are in the most need of love and car, we created the complete detail. An 8 hour, inch by inch, inside and out detailing of the entire vehicle. Transforming it to like new condition and returning to customers the sense of pride they had when their car was new. Let’s have a look at how we do it, and what you gain from this industry leading service.

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The Quick Clean
Our Most Popular Item FREE!

At Island Detail, one of our flagship services is the Quick Clean. We have learned that the easiest and most effective ways to keep your car’s paint in like new condition is regular car washing. Daily use of your vehicle leaves a layer of dust, dirt, and rock debris on the outside of your car. This debris can sit there, aside from ruining the pristine look of your car, but once someone leans or rubs against the exterior, that is when you get into trouble. The abrasive debris will grind scratches into the clear coat of your car’s finish and can ruin the paint underneath.

These repairs are the ones we do every day over at Island Color, and believe us when we say you would be much happier with the cost of regular car washes over the cost of car painting. Here is a run down of the Quick Clean, our most popular car wash service. Done in a flash, and guaranteed to give your car’s finish a long and happy life.

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