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The Ideal Detailing Schedule

Keep the good times rolling by getting your car regularly detailed.

Through the grapevine, perhaps our blog, you’ve most likely come to understand that detailing is an essential component of proper vehicle maintenance. However, many people are unsure about why detailing matters so much, and how often they should have it done. Read on to become a detailing expert.

What’s included in a car detail?

Put simply, detailing refers to the process of meticulously cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle in order to improve its overall appearance, striving to bring the car back to a factory-fresh finish.

At Island Detail, we offer a variety of detailing services that cover a range of time and expense. With us you can get a simple Quick Clean or get the full-on Complete Detail Package. Our complete detail package offers an intensive, 8-hour, bumper-to-bumper interior and exterior cleaning of every square inch of your vehicle. You can rest assured that any part of your car that can be cleaned, will be.

Why is car detailing important?

Besides the obvious benefit of getting your car to look brand new (who doesn’t appreciate a nice looking car?), details are effective at removing stains and odours that you might not have been able to remove yourself.

Taking good care of your vehicle, which includes a regular detail, will help you avoid more expensive issues from sneaking up on you in the future. Catching a tiny spot of corrosion through an exterior detail is a much cheaper fix than dealing with a rotted out body panel.

A nice looking car also demands a much higher price on the resale market. If you can demonstrate to a prospective buyer that you have truly maintained the vehicle to the best of your ability, simply by showing them how nice it looks, selling won’t be an issue.

How often should I detail?

Most people who work in the industry recommend getting a vehicle detailed 2 to 3 times per year, or every 4 to 6 months. The frequency with which you detail largely depends on how regularly you clean your car, as well as the conditions in which you drive.

Keep in mind that this rule of thumb is open to interpretation. Someone who doesn’t have the time or energy to regularly wash and clean the exterior and interior of their vehicle and spends lots of time driving in harsh conditions may need to get a full detail 4 or 5 times per year, whereas someone who is more meticulous about maintaining their cars and seldom drives could get away with 2 details per year.

If you would like to lengthen the time between necessary details, without sacrificing the appearance of your vehicle, consider getting a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings last for years, and protect your car from everyday wear and tear. This means that your car will look better for longer, and be easier to clean. Read more about the benefits of ceramic coatings right here.

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