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Properly Maintain Your Ceramic Coating

Step 1: Get a ceramic coating. Step 2: Properly maintain your ceramic coating. Step 3: Enjoy.

A ceramic coatings is an exceptionally thin, hard, and durable layer that bonds with whatever surface it is applied to. When it comes to the body of your car, these coatings form a molecular bond with your clear coat, rather than just sitting on top of it like traditional wax. These coatings protect your car’s clear coat from light abrasion, chemical damage, UV fading, and daily wear and tear.

Most often, ceramic coatings are applied to the paint jobs of vehicles, but they can also be applied to wheels, brake calipers, glass, leather, and plastics. The versatility of ceramic coatings mean that almost every surface of your vehicle could benefit from them.

Ceramic coatings are amazingly hydrophobic, meaning they reject water like a brand new Gore-Tex jacket. Because water can’t stick to the coatings, dirt has a hard time sticking too. You have probably seen videos of car detailers demonstrating how hydrophobic ceramic coatings are – we love these videos because it’s easier to demonstrate how well they work than to talk about it!

How to Care for Ceramic Coatings

One of the major advantages of ceramic coatings is how it affects your maintenance routine. A vehicle with a ceramic coating needs to be regularly hand-washed, just like any other vehicle, but you will need to wash it less often and the process will be way faster and easier than you’ve ever experienced.

To fully maximize the life-span of your coating, you should bring your car into the shop once in a while (around once per year) for a decontamination. During this service, we go over your car to remove any tiny embedded debris and touch up any areas where the coating may have been damaged. If you want to double-down on vehicle protection, the ultimate one-two-punch is using a ceramic coating and paint protection.

If you have yet to get a ceramic coating for your vehicle, click here to start navigating down the road to driving heaven. If you have any questions, just reach out to our helpful staff. Happy driving!

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