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How We Heal Curb Rash

Our results are so good, some have accused us of witchcraft. Here’s our explanation:

Not much takes a vehicle’s appearance to the next level the way a set of perfect, polished, flawless rims do. A simple set of alloys can make even the humblest of rides stand out from the crowd and really get some attention.

Unfortunately, rims are definitely one of the most vulnerable areas of our vehicles. After a few parallel parks, off-road adventures, and general wear and tear, our rims can be left looking a bit worse for wear. The good news is that rim repair isn’t as serious or costly as most people imagine. A paint and small collision repair shop, like Island Color, can get rims back to factory-fresh in no time, and for less than you’d probably imagine.

Here is How We Do It

Most rim repair jobs can be accomplished in 3 steps. The first step is removing the wheel from the vehicle so we can mask off the circumference. This will protect the tire and wheel while we work on the damaged area.

Once the prep is done, we can begin the actual repair by gently sanding the surface to make the damaged area smooth and level with the surrounding metal. Curb rash can be a little difficult to repair because of how the metal typically deforms. Curb rash is never a pure indentation, but rather the aluminum makes jagged peaks that need to be ground down.

After the area has been ground flush and smoothed with progressively finer grits of sandpaper, we will find the correct paint code (yes, rims are painted!) to match the rest of the rim. We have access to all the manufacturers’ paint codes, so we can guarantee a perfect match.

More Questions?

If this article has left you with more questions, check out the FAQ’s on our service page. If that only increases your curiosity, just give us a shout – we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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