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Beware Hidden Damage

Even a fender-bender can cause serious problems down the road. Learn the signs.

The most common types of accidents are small – the fender bender. Generally, these accidents don’t cause much damage. That being said, we would go to the doctor to get minor injuries checked out, so we should also investigate any small damage to our vehicles to ensure that no small damage has actually led to significant issues.

Pay extra attention to your vehicle after a small accident to see if you can notice any changes in its behaviour. Even small things caused by a minor accident can lead to big issues under the hood. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is a good idea to have your vehicle checked out. Make sure to mention the details of the accident to whoever is looking at your vehicle and hold on to the other party’s insurance and contact information, just in case.

Your Battery is Quickly Losing Charge

Any issues with your battery, including suddenly dying, not starting your vehicle, dim headlights, could have been caused by a minor collision. A small collision can shift your battery out of position, creating a short, or making it work harder. This will decrease the life of your battery.

Flickering Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is designed to illuminate when it senses any issue with your engine. Even if you don’t notice a change in performance, an illuminated check engine light could be a sign of impending disaster. It’s quite simple; if your check engine light is on, or is coming on and off, it is time to take your car to get checked out.

Alignment Issues

Alignment might not seem like a big deal, but misalignment can lead to significant problems down the road. If your alignment is off after a crash, it will cause unnecessary wear on your tires, suspension and brakes. Alignment is usually simple to fix, and you will be happy that you had it corrected before it became something big.

Leaking Fluids

The smallest of accidents can cause a leak in radiators, oil or fuel lines, or air conditioner. Cars need those fluids to run properly, so if you notice any pools under your vehicle, you should have your car inspected. Even a small leak can drain your car of valuable fluids over time.

It’s paramount that you have any of these symptoms investigated and fixed as soon as possible. If dealt with quickly, none of these issues will be serious repairs, but if left unattended could result in big bills and bigger headaches. Just give us a shout and we will help you get your vehicle back on form.

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