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Don’t Save Autobody Work “for Later”

When it comes to small collision repair, time is of the essence.

Sometimes we forget, but the whole point of the bumper on our vehicles is to take abuse; after all, it’s in the name! We need to accept that our bumpers will get dinged, scraped, and dented, but we shouldn’t live with them that way. Here’s why.

Damage from extremely minor collisions can be tempting to ignore. Didn’t we just say that the bumper’s job is to sustain damage? Well, yes, but it’s also important to get that damage fixed as soon as possible. Here are the best reasons to take your car into the shop for small collision repair, even if you haven’t noticed any performance changes or funny noises.

Resale Value

Dents that haven’t been looked after are a significant red flag for buyers. Your drivetrain could be flawless, but that unsightly fender is going to scare away those who are serious about buying your car. Not only will this lower the resale value, but also lengthen the time it takes to sell your vehicle.

Check out this example and consider how much the value of the car increased with this small fix. If your car has similar damage, we can fix it faster and for far less money than a body shop. In fact, we can usually fix damage for cheaper than your insurance deductible.

Potential Hazard

To be totally honest, you probably won’t notice a performance difference from damage to your bumper like you see in the image above. In all likelihood, you could drive in relative blissful ignorance. However, if you are involved in another small accident, you won’t be able to rely on the same absorbing capabilities of the bumper that you had in your last fender bender.

It’s a little like a bike helmet; after a spill, you need to replace your cracked and broken helmet because it has lost the ability to keep you safe in another accident. If your bumper sustained damage in an accident, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible so it can perform the same function again.

Insurance Problems Down the Road

Insurance companies are supposed to be there to help us in our times of need, but we all know that they will look for any reason to avoid or reduce the payout that they have to give. Neglecting to repair the damage from a previous accident can be grounds for an insurance adjuster to limit the payout for a more serious accident in the future and downgrade your claim. It’s not the most ethical thing for them to do, but we’ve seen it happen before.

Come to Island Color for Affordable Collision Repair

Here at Island Color, we have over 2 decades of experience helping fellow Islanders with their vehicle’s needs. Our experience in small collision repair and automotive paint means that you can depend on our work being meticulous and beautiful. Give us a shout to set up an appointment today, we can have you back on the road in no time.

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