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Mobile Paint Services

There is a little known fact about Island Color, a little tidbit of information that can make your bumper repair, rim restoration, and touch up repairs an even more seamless experience. You see, when Island Color was founded in 1992, we began as a mobile-only paint company. We used four vans to service as much of lower Vancouver Island as possible, and over the course of those early years, we drove over 1 million kilometres servicing the people of greater Victoria. When our clientele grew, and our crew expanded, we opened up shop to meet demand, but our mobile operations are still in running, and are available free of charge to our clients in Victoria. How is it possible to have a paint shop that operates door to door? Read on and book your appointment today.

Mobile Services
/ in Victoria
All paint services from our menu have a mobile on-location option free of charge to residents of Victoria, BC.

How does it work?

At Island Color we have a variety of services, including paint chip repair, bumper repair, full panel restoration, clear coat refinishing, and much more. Each one of these are very involved processes but can be easily done on location, which saves you time and energy and allows you to focus on more important things while we work on your vehicle.

The little known fact about car painting procedures is that at least 90% of the work that goes into the repair is preparation. That means the sanding down of the area, filling, drying, re-sanding, and priming represent the majority of the time spent on the restoration. Once the damage is repaired, the paint and clear coat sit evenly on the surface and perfectly match the surrounding area. This what makes Island Color’s services so perfectly suited to mobile operations.

What services are available?

Our mobile team is able to do everything on our services menu at your door. These services include: Bumper Repair, Rim Repair, Paint Chip Repair, Moulding Restoration, Door Jams, Wiper Arms, and Headlight Restoration.

Click here to see our full list of paint and restoration services, then click here to make an appointment. We can get your car back to line new condition for less than your deductible!

Mobile Services FAQ

What do you need to do the repairs?

We need two things for this to work. First we need a driveway. These types of repair need a bit of room on each side of your car so parking lots and condo parking generally won’t work. The other thing we need is an outlet or extension cord to run our gear. That’s it!

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when we can come by and restore your vehicle for you.

Are there ever extra charges?

If you live inside Victoria, BC, on location repairs are free of charge. If you live outside the area, we charge up to $20 for travel on smaller repairs. If it is a big job like a bumper repair or a set of rims, we may still make the trip for free, just to help out such a valued customer.

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