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Island Color Rim Repair

In our minds, rims really make or break the whole car experience. Beautiful new polished rims take any car to the next level, even a humble grocery getter or heavy duty pick up truck. After the car has been in use for a while, parallel parked a few times, with the occasional mishap and dings of gravel and dirt, they start to get scratched, scraped, grouted, or otherwise damaged. Bringing them back to showroom condition through a repair is actually much easier, faster, and less costly than replacing your rims, even if they were relatively cheap to begin with. It is a simple repair that we are able to complete in one day’s work, even for a full set, and the results are astounding.

Let’s take a look at how we do it and answer some of your questions along the way. The difference can be remarkable and it represents some of the best value at our shop.

Rim Repair
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For those alloy rims that have curb damage, scrapes or scratches. Price depends on how many and what colour. *Does not include colour change.

What's Involved

Taking a set of rims that are covered in curb rash and getting them back to pristine condition is a multistage process. First, we take the wheel off the car and mask the circumference of the tire to help protect it while we work.

Second, we grind and sand all of the damaged areas to make the surface as level as possible. One of the unique issues with curb damage on tires is that the resulting blemishes are not just pushed in, like when you bang you car door, instead, the aluminum makes ridges, peaks, and valleys that can be very sharp and require grinding to smooth them out again.

Finally, we match the paint code for your rims and we paint the ground down areas and blend it into the rest of the rim. Using the manufacture paint codes guarantees and perfect match that is undetectable to the naked eye.

Have some rims that are in need of some TLC? Check out the FAQ below to make sure your rims are eligible, then give us a ring to set up your appointment.

Rim Repair FAQ

Can you do polished or chrome rims?

Unfortunately we are unable to repair chrome or polished rims. If you have damaged polished rims we will need to prep, sand, repair, and then repaint them a colour of your choice. It is the only way to mask the completed repairs.

Are there ever extra charges?

Nope, we give you a complete quote per rim with no surprises. Just be in touch!

Is there any damage you cannot fix?

Any scrapes and gouges and curb rash we can handle easily on painted aluminum rims. The repairs and rims we cannot do include:

  • Chrome rims
  • Polished aluminum rims (no paint)
  • Bent rims. These need to be straightened and there is no one on the island that currently does this.

You may think your rim is polished when it actually is painted. Sometimes it is hard to tell, but the vast majority of commercially available rims are painted, they are just painted an aluminum colour.

How long does it take?

This is a job we can do in one day for a full set of rims. We do them in a day, then keep them overnight (it has to fully dry before we can install the wheels back on your car, and this takes some time).

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day. Usually we are booking 1-2 days in advance.

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