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Rock Chips Vs Ceramic Coating

Rock Chips vs Ceramic Coating

For anyone who takes pride in their ride, rock chips are a nightmare.

For any automotive enthusiast that demands the best in protection and aesthetic, ceramic coatings are becoming the go-to recommendation. No conventional treatment, such as waxing or sealants, will come close to the performance offered by a high quality ceramic coating.

The practical benefits of ceramic coatings are undeniable. Due to their intense hydrophobic properties, water, dirt, and mud have no chance at sticking to the paint. Washing a vehicle with a ceramic coating is an absolute pleasure, and the resulting gloss will leave you speechless.

High end ceramic coatings even reject ultraviolet radiation, preventing oxidation and fading. Prior to ceramic coatings, there was no effective way to protect your vehicle from solar fading (besides keeping it locked up indoors). Ceramic coatings are the only vehicle treatment that effectively block UV rays from damaging your paint. Read all about the benefits of ceramic coatings offered by Island Detail right here. 

“What about rock chips?”

One thing we get asked form time to time is whether or not, and to what degree, ceramic coatings will protect your paint from rock chips. Avoiding rock chips is a serious priority for anyone who cares about their vehicle, especially now that we’re headed into winter.

Here’s the answer: Ceramic coatings are simply too thin to guarantee protection against rock chips. A typical ceramic coating is 1-2 microns thin – that is thinner than a human red blood cell. A pebble launched by the tires of a passing vehicle will likely damage the coating, and may affect the paint underneath as well.

The only way to fully protect against rock chips is by using Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF is thick and pliable, so they can absorb the impact of a rock chip. PPF is great at what it does (protecting against rock chips and scratches) but doesn’t offer any of the benefits of ceramic coatings. The good news is that you can get the best of both worlds: a ceramic coating on top of your PPF will give you the best overall protection.

Trust Island Detail

At Island Detail, our main goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all of our clients – from the biggest motor heads to folks who own their very first car. You can depend on us to be upfront and honest, because that’s how we’ve operated our business for the last 25 years. Just check out our testimonial page to see what we’re talking about.

To get started on your next project – whether it’s a ceramic coating, a full detail, or a simply hand wash – just get in touch. We’re always happy to chat.

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