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Island Color Custom Rim Painting

Have you ever wanted to paint your rims Ferrari Red? A two-tone pattern? Maybe you want to make your rims match the body colour of your vehicle? Maybe an understated matte black? Our in-house system allows us to create any paint colour you could ever want, and we have access to the paint codes for every make and model of car ever produced, so there is essentially no colour we can’t match.

If you are interested in multiple colours, we can do masking and multiple passes to get the effect you are looking for. We could do your centre caps a different colour, or we could do a red stripe on the bead of your black rims, no problem. Each complication adds a small bump up in the price, but we can easily quote you a price on any custom request. Painted rims look insanely good, you will be blown away by the result.

Custom Rims
$600/ set
Painted rims, any colour you like, or any combo you can imagine. Bump up the base price for each colour you add, customizing will depend on rim style.

What's Involved: Repair

The first question we ask when someone is requesting painted rims is whether or not the rims require any repair. If they are scuffed, scraped, or damaged by curb rash, they will need to be smoothed out before we can apply your custom paint. The full write up and prices for rim repair can be found right here. For the short version:

First off, we take the wheel off the car and mask the circumference of the tire to help protect it while we work.

Second, we grind and sand all of the damaged areas to make the surface as level as possible. One of the unique issues with curb damage on tires is that the resulting blemishes are not just pushed in, like when you bang you car door, instead, the aluminum makes ridges, peaks, and valleys that can be very sharp and require grinding to smooth them out again.

Once they are as smooth as they were from the showroom floor, we move over to paint and dig in.

What's Involved: Painting

The first step in painting is finding the paint codes that match your custom rim request. If you are hoping to have the rims matched to the body colour of your car, that is a breeze. We find the matching paint code from your manufacturer (we have every paint code under the sun) and we mix up a perfect match to your vehicle on the spot to apply to your rims. If you have another request we will need to do some colour matching or find the codes from any point of reference you might have. Once we have the paint mixed, we need to talk about how many colours you would like.

Some multi-stage paint jobs are easy, for instance, having your centre caps done a separate colour does not take much extra time because we can remove them and paint them both at once without any extra dry time. If you are wanting to have the rim bead done a different colour, have stripes applied, or have recessed areas of your particular rim done in a two tone style, the cost will increase with each complication. It is a tough thing to quote over the phone, but if you use our contact form you can send a photo of your rim and we can tell you right away what is and is not possible.

Once we apply your new paint, we leave it to cure overnight. If you are having a multistage paint job done we will get back at it when it is dry so we can mask and paint the next area, and continue to do so until the job is complete.

One huge benefit of this services is that you can bring your car in without removing the rubber from the rims. We are able to mask off the rubber and make the entire transformation as convenient as possible for you.

We have been getting a lot of questions about this procedure, so we will map out the FAQs below. Interested in a custom rim paint job? Give us a shout, we would love to chat.

Rim Painting FAQ

Are there ever extra charges?

For repair: Nope, the cost includes one scraped up rim, no matter how scraped up it is.

For paint: Yes, if you want multicolour, multistage paint, we will charge a bump up for each complication. Once you show us your rim we can give you a custom price ASAP.

Is there any damage you can't fix?

Any scrapes and gouges and curb rash we can handle easily on painted aluminum rims. The repairs and rims we cannot do include:

  • Chrome rims
  • Polished aluminum rims (no paint)
  • Bent rims. These need to be straightened and there is no one on the island that currently does this.

You may think your rim is polished when it actually is painted. Sometimes it is hard to tell, but the vast majority of commercially available rims are painted, they are just painted an aluminum colour.

How long does it take?

This is a job we can do in one day for a full set of rims. If you are just having a multistage paint job you should expect it to spend at least one night at the shop curing.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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