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Stay Out of the Body Shop This Winter

Winter tires are your key to a safe driving season.

If you’ve been around Victoria over the last week, you’ve probably seen your fair share of drivers unprepared for the slippery weather. Drivers all over the city have been spinning their tires trying to get up hills or out of parking spots.

While these situations often lead to comedy, the truth is that driving in winter conditions with inappropriate tires is extremely dangerous. Slipping around on the roads is not only dangerous for the driver, but for everyone else too.

Winter tires are an obvious decision if you live in the interior or out east, where they can expect months of snow a year. Many in Victoria don’t see the point of winter tires, because our climate is so temperate. After all, if it only snows once a year, what’s the point? Here are a few reasons why winter tires are a necessity in Victoria, just like everywhere else.

Why Winter Tires?

  • Safety. Winter tires differ from all seasons or summer tires in two major ways: rubber compound and tread pattern. The softer rubber on winter tires lead to better contact with the road during cold conditions, and the specifically designed tread provides improved traction on cold asphalt, snow, and ice. Some readers might be thinking, “it doesn’t even snow every year in Victoria, so I definitely don’t need winter tires”. This line of thinking is flawed, because winter tires aren’t just for snow. When the weather gets cold – even if it’s dry – the rubber on regular all-season tires gets stiff and the grip is reduced. The softer, stickier rubber of winter tires will out perform all seasons when the weather is cold, regardless of precipitation.
  • Cost. Tires aren’t cheap, especially winter tires. But because tires don’t have a “shelf-life” you can leave them stored during the warmer months, and put them back on next winter. Having a set of winter tires to swap in for the cold months, and then put away when it gets warmer, means that both sets of tires will last longer.Having two sets of tires that you switch between costs no more than buying one now, wearing them out, and buying another later. When you combine the cost equivalency with the other benefits, it’s a no-brainer.
  • Performance. A vehicle with all wheel drive or four wheel drive requires traction to put that power down on the road. If the tires can’t grip the terrain, it doesn’t matter how many wheels are being powered by the engine. The right tires for the right conditions will allow your capable vehicle to perform properly.
  • Confidence. When driving on public roads, we accept a certain amount of responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others. Think of how frustrated you’d be if someone damaged your car because they weren’t prepared for the conditions. Driving with appropriate tires is part of being a responsible driver.

“I wish you had told me this a week ago”

If you’ve recently learned the importance of winter tires first-hand, don’t worry. At Island Color, we have premium small collision repair and autobody services to get your car back in perfect condition, often for less than your insurance deductible. Get in touch with us, or check out our service page, to get a free quote today. Just snap a picture of the damage and send it to us, auto repair has never been easier!

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