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The Best Value In Car Detailing

How to get the most for your dollar.

When it comes to vehicle detailing, everyone wants the same thing: Tons of value for your money, and an exceptionally clean car. At Island Detail we have quite a few detailing options for you. Some are perfect for everyday cleanliness, like a weekly car clean, and some are for vehicles that have been neglected, are about to go up for sale, you have an important event or wedding to attend, or you are doing your yearly in-depth clean to keep your vehicle at its best.

The first choice below represents the overall best value for money. It includes the most options for the lowest price and it is what we recommend for your regular detailing. When your vehicle seems overwhelmingly dirty and you need it brought back to showroom shine, we have options below for that as well. Read on and click through to make an appointment.

Best Value: Quick Clean

At Island Detail, one of our flagship services is the Quick Clean. We have learned that the easiest and most effective ways to keep your car’s paint in like new condition is regular car washing. Daily use of your vehicle leaves a layer of dust, dirt, and rock debris on the outside of your car. This debris can sit there, aside from ruining the pristine look of your car, but once someone leans or rubs against the exterior, that is when you get into trouble. The abrasive debris will grind scratches into the clear coat of your car’s finish and can ruin the paint underneath. These repairs are the ones we do every day over at Island Color, and believe us when we say you would be much happier with the cost of regular car washes over the cost of car painting. Here is a run down of the Quick Clean, our most popular car wash service. Done in a flash, and guaranteed to give your car’s finish a long and happy life.

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Quick Clean
$40/ car
Popular package includes wash, clean rims & tires, vacuum, and clean windows inside & out. A great way to keep your vehicle clean at a very affordable price.

Fastest: Hand Wash

The quickest, most affordable, and most important piece of regular exterior car maintenance is hand washing. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a schlep if you don’t have the space or tools to get it done at home, and the more you put it off the more intensive the labour is to get it clean again.

Removing dirt, salt, chemicals, pollution, and debris from your car’s paint and clear coat will prolong its life, reduce chips and swirl marks, delay rust, and fill you with pride about your vehicle’s appearance. It can be tempting to drive through the car wash, but the automated systems never get all the grime off your car, they are expensive, and once the car air dries it can look worse than when you started. A hand wash and dry by a professional is the fastest and most efficient way to get clean and be ready to hit the road in no time.

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Hand Wash
$20/ car
Rim and wheel clean, hand washed and hand dried. We use non-abrasive soaps to ensure your vehicle’s paint and wax are not compromised. So affordable!

Showroom Shine: Exterior Detail

There are few things in life as breathtaking as an absolutely pristine, mirror like shine on a vehicle. When you see a black car shining so bright that you would swear it is dripping with black ink, or a colourful painted surface reflecting with more facets than an expertly cut diamond, it can take your breath away. There is only one way to get this look, and at Island Detail, we call it the Complete Exterior Detail Package.

To bring a car back to its showroom shine it takes a few different steps, it takes a few hours, and takes a bunch of guys in the shop that know everything there is to know about automotive detailing. Below we will take you through everything we will do to your car or truck to remove all the remnants of the open road then the stages of hand detailing we go through to return the luster to dull and faded vehicles. You might be surprised at how much we can get done when your car comes in for the afternoon, and the results will take your breath away.

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Exterior Detail
$190/ car
A step beyond the quick clean, with a full hand wash and dry, polishing and clay bar, wax and glaze, rim and wheel clean and polish and an engine shampoo to top it off.

Inch by Inch: Interior Detail

There are plenty of reasons to have your car detailed, that is for sure. You might be going to a wedding or taking a trip, picking up a date or having a reunion at the airport. Many of these events inspire an exterior detail, so that you roll up looking tight, classy, and in control. The other reason to have your car detailed is more personal and reflexive, and that is when you are looking for calm and quiet enjoyment of your car or truck. The interior is the area that only YOU see, and when clients are looking for regaining control over their mess, returning to a new car smell, fit, and finish, they opt for our interior detail package. Restoring the interior to its original glory is extremely satisfying, driving afterwards is serene, and the transformation is often unbelievable. Read on to see how we do it and how you can set up an appointment. Treat yourself!

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Interior Detail
$215/ car
Includes carpet and seat shampooing, vinyl and leather conditioning, toothbrush cleaning intricate areas and odour removal. You will be blown away by the end result.

Get 'Em All: Complete Detail Package

We believe that your vehicle should be a source of passion and pride. There are few things in life as breathtaking as an absolutely pristine, mirror like shine on a vehicle. When you see a black car shining so bright that you would swear it is dripping with black ink, or a colourful painted surface reflecting with more facets than an expertly cut diamond, it can take your breath away. When your guests enter the cabin they should feel a sense of quiet enjoyment, a relaxing and calming atmosphere, and a desire to linger and take the long way home.

For clients who are the most discerning and most particular, and for customers whose vehicle’s are in the most need of love and car, we created the complete detail. An 8 hour, inch by inch, inside and out detailing of the entire vehicle. Transforming it to like new condition and returning to customers the sense of pride they had when their car was new. Let’s have a look at how we do it, and what you gain from this industry leading service.

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Complete Detail
$285/ car
A bumper to bumper, inch by inch interior and exterior clean that will literally make you feel like you have a new vehicle again.

Detailing FAQ

Are there ever extra charges?

There are no extra charges, but there are add ons. Pet hair removal, which is $35-$65 depending on the size of the vehicle and severity of the service needed, or a cut polish for $95 can be added if you desire.

How long does detailing take

The hand washes and quick cleans are done within the hour. Bigger jobs like complete details are something we get done in one day, but you can expect this to take between 6 and 8 hours, so be sure to get a morning appointment to get your vehicle back by closing time.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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