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What is a Clay Bar Treatment?

At our shop, clay barring is a crucial part of getting a perfect finish.

There are many things included in a standard detailing service. Most of us are familiar with the general idea of the detailing process, but a few of the… details… can leave us behind. One thing that you hear a lot about is “claying” or “clay barring”. We decided to get specific about what exactly clay barring is, why it’s a good idea, and how to tell if you need one.

What is Claying?

The name “clay barring” describes the process pretty well. The general idea is that a technician uses a block of clay to clean up your paint job. The clay bars that professional detailers use are incredibly sticky, and are perfect for removing embedded particles from the clear coat of a vehicle.

A lubricant is applied to the surface of the vehicle and then then clay bar is rubbed onto the vehicle and removes any contaminants.

Why is Claying Necessary?

Brake dust, iron filings, sap, and industrial fallout are just a few of the things that claying will remove from your clear coat. With these particles removed, your car will be smoother, better looking, and easier to maintain. It’s difficult to wax a bumpy surface, so after a claying, you will notice dramatically improved gloss and lustre to your vehicle.

Besides the benefits of claying on its own, claying is an absolutely vital part of preparing your vehicle for things like a ceramic coating or any type of paint correction.

Do You Need Claying?

Well, if you’re planning on getting a ceramic coating, then yes! Fortunately, most ceramic coating packages include complimentary clay barring as part of the vehicle prep.

If you aren’t planning on getting a ceramic coating, but still want to know if you’d benefit from an application of the clay bar, then do the Ziploc test. Grab a Ziploc bag and place it over your hand. Run your hand over the hood (or any part of your car) and observe the texture. If it feels excessively bumpy or rough, you should check out a detail shop that can provide a solid clay barring treatment.

Clay barring is part of our Exterior Detail Package and, as mentioned earlier, clay barring is included in any Ceramic Coating for those who are really serious about vehicle maintenance. If you have any further questions, never hesitate to reach out to us – we’re always happy to chat about your ride.

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