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Are Ceramic Coatings Overpriced?

Many people who are interested in getting a ceramic coating for their car end up with a minor case of sticker shock. Here is why ceramic coatings cost what they do.

For many people, it can be hard to justify the cost of a ceramic coating. Many treatments come with 3 or 4 digit price tags and have people wondering why it’s worth a thousand dollars to get 30mL of coating applied to their cars. After all, can’t the same results be achieved with an application of wax every few weeks?

Why Are Ceramic Coatings So Expensive?

The cost of ceramic coatings really comes down to several key factors, which can be broken into two categories: performance and labour.


Ultimate Durability: High-quality ceramic coatings work for YEARS. That means you don’t need to waste time laboriously doing the wax-on wax-off dance in your garage every few weeks. This is also a reason why you want to get a professional job; commercial auto detailers get access to commercial-grade products, so when you come to a trusted shop like Island Detail, you can be sure that you are getting the best.

Maximum Results: From the dazzling glossy finish to the unparalleled protection against water, chemicals, acid, UV radiation, and industrial fallout, nothing performs like ceramic coatings. A high-quality ceramic coating is the only way to keep your car looking showroom quality for years to come.


Paint Correction: Before a technician can open up a bottle of coating, they must make sure that the exterior of our car is completely flawless. This is because ceramic coatings preserve the finish underneath. A technician’s goal is to make your paint absolutely perfect, so the ceramic coating will protect and preserve that perfection. That means that any scrape, chip, or dent, no matter how tiny, must be repaired prior to the application of the coating.

Prep: Once the paint is all brought up to speed, the technician must meticulously clean and polish your car. This is a job for someone who is meticulous and detail-oriented. Once the vehicle is perfect, it must be kept that way during the entire application. We apply coatings in a clean, ventilated area so we can be sure that no specs of dust end up ruining the coating.

The Pros Know

The most important thing is that if you decide your vehicle is worth the protection and shine created by a ceramic coating, you need to choose the best shop available to you. DIY products are lightyears behind high-quality commercial coatings, and proper prep work can only be done by an experienced automotive detail shop, like Island Detail. We have been serving people on Southern Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and continue to offer industry-leading services and the best products available. To learn more about our ceramic coatings, just click here.

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