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Why You Should Repair Your Bumper

Why You Should Repair Your Bumper

And why you need to do it correctly.

To maximixe the life of your vehicle, it’s important to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Also ensure any repairs to the engine or the body of your vehicle are addressed sooner rather than later. Bumpers are one of those auto body parts that tend to get dinged, scraped and bumped more often than anything else (hence the name). The main function of your bumpers are to absorb the impact upon collision, minimizing the damage to main body. If your bumpers get damaged, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible, to keep the occupants safe and save you money down the road. Here’s how:

Increases Vehicle Value

Immediately following an accident where your bumper is involved, your vehicle value depreciates. Even a superficial scratch will devalue your vehicle. Rather than drive around with dented bumper, take it in asap for a repair. Failure to fix the bumper promptly, makes it harder to fix properly in the future. The vehicle tech will need to reshape the bumper and that’s easier to do the sooner you get it in.

Minimize Future Problems

The bumper is there to protect the rest of your car from damage in an accident. Driving around with a broken bumper means your bumper can’t properly do its job if an impact occurs. A faulty bumper may also cause the inner parts of your car to be exposed to the elements. This can lead to rust or in some cases the bumper may start to fall off. In the worst case, bumpers can fall off in traffic causing secondary accidents for which you will be responsible, as you were driving a vehicle that had known, un-repaired damage.

It Makes the Car Easy to Sell

You may not have any intention of selling your vehicle right this minute. However circumstances change and you may decide to list it privately or trade it in for a newer vehicle at a dealership. It makes sense to maintain your vehicle in sale-ready shape, especially the bumper because it’s one of the first things potential buyers notice about your car.

These are just a few of the many reasons to make sure your car or truck has a bumper in good repair. Maintain its value, once broken it can lead to other cosmetic and structural problems. Personal safety, as your bumper protects you and your passengers like a shock absorber in the event of an accident. And resale value, you never know when the opportunity will arrive to sell your vehicle.

Bumper repairs are quick and affordable at Island Detail and Color (and we don’t use duct tape). Don’t let your bumper wear beyond repair. Give us a call today.

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