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Project Description

This is what we call “Rim Repair”. These Motegi Racing rims were damaged from 6 years of incidental curb contact, highway stone chips, a few gouges from errant road debris, and a few scrapes around the nuts from being on and off the car so often. As you know, the cost of rims is going up and up with the weak CAD, so a repair was in order, and in the end they turned out even better than new!

We started by taking all of the wheels off the car and masking off the rubber (no need to take the tires off the wheels for this repair!). Then we prepped each wheel by grinding down all of the curb rash and filling any gouges that would result in an uneven finish after paint. The rims were then primed (the entire rim, not just the effected areas) and painted with the exact “Motegi Silver” and clear coated to a high gloss shine.

Believe it or not, this repair is way cheaper than you think, and you can get your car back the next morning look as good as new. Why wait? Give us a call today!

Rim Repair

This is a job we can do in one day for a full set of rims. If you are just having one rim done, it will be more like 3 hours (it has to fully dry before we can install the wheel back on your car, and this takes some time).

Interested in a rim repair? Send us a note or give us a call and we can get started today.

Prices: Single: 175 Multiple: $125 each

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