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Project Description

What you see above is a prime example of exterior trim rejuvenation. The spoiler on many, if not most, production cars is actually made of plastic. The nature of plastics dictates that it just won’t hold on to paint as well as metal will, and over time, it will fade and discolour. In the case of blacks and reds you end up with greys and pinks that look absolutely awful. This is where Island Color comes in. We remove any exterior trim that needs reviving, prep it, sand it, prime it, and repaint it to an exact match for your vehicle. we can have the job done in one day for a tiny fraction of what a body shop would charge you. Why use your deductible if you don’t have to?

Above you can see a few shots showing the before, during, and after of the car’s exterior. The results are absolutely stunning.

Interested in reviving your car? The paint service list is here for your perusal.*

*Prices can vary a bit on this type of work, but our price list gives you a good ballpark.

Exterior Trim

We begin by removing all of the exterior trim that needs re-painting and bring it into the paint shop. We sand the entire piece to make a uniform surface, fill any gouges and dents if needed, then we color match, prime, and paint. Pieces are left to dry for at least a few hours and then reinstalled on the vehicle. If we get your car in the morning we could have it back to you by the end of the day, it is that easy!

Interested in a deep clean? Send us a note or give us a call and we can get started today.

Price for the above job: Spoiler: $175

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