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Hood Respraying: How we do it.

The pictures above are from one of our recent hood re-spraying jobs. This Hyundai had spent a lot of time driving on the highway, on the mainland, and all over the back roads. Over the years the hood became badly chipped and pitted, and by the time it came to the shop those chips were beginning to rust.

We took the hood down to the bare metal, then we primed it, painted it with a perfectly matched paint colour to the original and let it dry. We gave it a wet sand to make it smooth as glass, then gave it a few coats of clear to make it look direct from factory.

Above you can see a few shots showing the before, during, and after of the car’s hood. The results are absolutely stunning.

Interested in renewing your car? The detailing service list is here for your perusal.

Hood Re-spraying

We spend an entire day bringing your vehicle’s hood down to bare metal, priming, painting, we sanding, and clear coating your hood to make it look exactly like it did from the factory. We can match any colour paint with shocking precision, and have your vehicle back to you the next day.

Interested in a hood re-spray? Send us a note or give us a call and we can get started today.

Prices: $250-$300 Depending on size.

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