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Project Description

This is what we call Rocker Panel Repair. It falls under the category of paint touch-ups, but requires all of the same steps as bumper repair. We sand down the gouged, chipped, and otherwise damaged area, then we reshape, sand, paint, and clear coat to match the surrounding area. After a bit of expert blending the repairs are impossible to see, even if you know where to look. In the pictures above you can see that the rocker panel was painted with a textured surface, which can be very tricky to match. As you see, our Color Team is up to the task.

Above you can see a few shots showing the before & after of the car’s damaged rocker panel. Do you have similar damage on your vehicle? Give us a call, you will be shocked at how quickly and inexpensively you can have your back to new condition.

Rocker Panel

We spend over 4 hours grinding, reshaping, sanding, painting and clear coating a damaged rocker panel like the one above. When it is finished, the repair is undetectable, and done for less than your deductible. Interested in restoring your damaged rocker panels? Send us a note or give us a call and we can get started today.

Prices starting from $75 for small chips to $125 for jobs like above.

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