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Island Color Moulding Restoration

When your vehicle is brand new it feels indescribably perfect. It has swirl free paint, perfectly black tires, pristine upholstery, and the quiet ride of tight new car. Over time, the paint starts to chip, bumpers crack, upholstery is stained, and the interior starts to loosen bringing on creaks and rattles over every bump.

One of the first things to happen to your vehicle is the fading of exterior trim parts. The wiper arms, door mouldings, mud flaps, essentially everything that is black starts to fade and grey under constant UV exposure. We have a very quick and very inexpensive way to freshen up your exterior bits of moulding that will remind you how much your loved your car when it was new.

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Help restore your car back to that showroom finish you loved when you first got it.

What's Involved

Restoration of your vehicle’s mouldings involves the painting of the factory installed mouldings that wrap around the base or middle of your doors and the wheel wells. These could be body coloured or they could be black plastic depending on your vehicle (rubber trim pieces cannot be restored, they must be replaced). These parts are made to get scuffed up to save you from a repair of the larger body panels, but it is still nice to repair and rejuvenate them to help bring an old car back to life.

Restoring these mouldings requires a similar procedure to when we do a bumper repair. The area is masked off and then sanded to make the surface as smooth as possible. With body coloured mouldings deep scrapes may require a bit of filler, then drying, then sanding again.

Once the area is prepped we match the colour to your vehicle and respray the area (for body coloured mouldings) or we choose a similar all weather black paint for black plastic trim.

Once the areas are fully cured we remove the masking and clean up the area, making it good as new and ready for delivery. This can be done in one day at the shop (3-4 hours) by our fantastic team.

Moulding Restoration FAQ

Are there ever extra charges?

The only thing that could cost extra is if you need your door handles done as well, but that is taken on a case by case basis. For regular mouldings this price is fixed and is the same for body coloured or black plastic mouldings.

How long does it take?

This is something we get done in one day. Generally speaking 3-4 hours including the drying time.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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