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How to Sell High

Here are the secrets for how to get the most value out of your vehicle.

If you own a vehicle, chances are high that within the life of that vehicle you’ll wind up having to fix a scratch, a ding, a dent, or even perform a major repair. The quality of the repair work done on your car greatly impacts the functionality, appearance, and especially the re-sale value of your vehicle.

Cosmetic Value

The first thing people notice is the exterior of your car. Ensuring you maintain the exterior cosmetic appearance of the vehicle means more than pride of ownership; it means if you choose to list it for sale, potential buyers will pay top dollar. The goal of professionally done bodywork is a seamless restoration of your vehicle to its pre-accident state, which maintains the dollar value of your car.

Structural Integrity

Slap-dash bodywork will negatively impact the structural integrity of your vehicle, making it less safe to drive. If you do want to sell your vehicle, a buyer will likely feel the poor quality of work when they test drive the car, although if they don’t notice and go ahead and purchase your vehicle, this could land you in small claims if you have lied about its safety.

Aerodynamic Efficiency

Vehicle manufacturers build cars to be as aerodynamic as possible. The engine, transmission, suspension, and wheels work together for peak efficiency and poor bodywork makes the car significantly less fuel-efficient. Anyone who test drives your car may feel and hear a wobble, leading them to speculate about the overall efficiency and safety of your car. If the potential buyer does make an offer, they will factor in the mystery sound and offer you much less.

Original Parts

Providing a paper trail that documents the repairs were done by a professional assures potential buyers that proper parts were used and the repairs done by a licensed technician. Improper or poorly installed parts send up red flags in the minds of wise buyers, who may take a pass on your car because they can’t be certain the work was done properly.

The solution is proper bodywork: just give us a call or drop us a line to get started on the repairs your vehicle needs. These repairs will be completed with the proper parts, and you will receive your car in mint condition after the repairs.

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