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Do All Colours Fade the Same?

Our car's colour affects more than just looks; certain colours heat up more than others, some are more visible on the road, etc. But how does car colour affect the rate at which the paint fades?
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Finding Your Perfect Detailing Shop

The key to finding a good detailing shop is... in the details (sorry). Here is a little guide to help you sort through all the options and find the perfect detailing shop for you and your car.
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Vehicle De-Badging Done Right

Removing unsightly badges or dealership decals can seriously improve the aesthetic of your vehicle, but only if it's done without ruining the paint underneath or leaving an ugly scar.
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The Best Way to Wash Your Car

The cherry blossoms are out in Victoria, BC! For many of us, that is an indication that it's time for spring cleaning. Here is the undisputed BEST way to wash your vehicle.
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Rock Chips vs Ceramic Coating

There are many ways in which a ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from damage. Coatings block UV rays, are chemically resistant, and keep dirt at bay, but what about rock chips?
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Should You Have Collision Coverage?

No matter how carefully you drive, accidents can be unavoidable. When you end up in a fender bender, collision coverage can be a huge blessing - but it's not right for everyone.
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What is a Good Waxing Schedule?

At the VERY least, vehicles need to be waxed at least twice a year – once before summer temperatures rise, and once before winter sets in. For optimal protection, there is more you need to know.
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