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Double Down for Ultimate Protection

Instead of picking and choosing, learn how to get the best of both worlds.

Most people we talk to seem to think of ceramic coatings and Paint Protection Films (PPF) as an “either-or” scenario. Drivers aren’t always aware that you can actually use ceramic coatings and PPF together and get the benefits of both – they can actually work together to be more than the sum of their parts. Here are a few reasons why we think adding a ceramic coating to your PPF is the key to ultimate vehicle protection.

PPF Longevity

PPF has come a long way in recent decades. One of the major battles that PPF engineers have always had to face is dealing with UV exposure. In the days of yore, PPF would be degraded by UV light so quickly that it was arguably not worth installing.

Due to modern UV inhibitors that are built into high-end film, modern PPF is vastly more solar resistant than old film. That being said, the sun is what will eventually break down your PPF. Unless, of course, you protect the PPF with UV-blocking ceramic coatings. One of the many benefits of ceramic coatings are their sunscreen-like UV blocking qualities. When applied over top of PPF, ceramic coatings will protect your paint AND your PPF from sun damage.

Easy Cleaning

On their own, PPF isn’t any more hydrophobic than your clear coat. When you have PPF without a ceramic coating, washing your car isn’t any easier than it is without PPF. High quality ceramic coatings are renowned for their hydrophobic properties, meaning they aggressively reject water like a brand new rain jacket. When water can’t stick, neither can dirt and grime. You will be astounded by how easy it is to clean a car once it has been treated with a ceramic coating.

Protect Your PPF

PPF aren’t as chemically resistant as ceramic coatings. That means that tree sap, bird droppings, or road tar could cause serious damage to your PPF, potentially requiring replacement. Using ceramic coatings will provide you a layer of powerful chemical resistance that won’t be eroded by typical environmental factors. Ultimate protection is about creating layers of resistance.

Make Your Car Shine

Dirty PPF is one of the ugliest things you can see on a car, especially a white one. You can instantly tell which panels have the PPF because of the discolouration – unless you’ve used a ceramic coating to prevent the discolouration of your PPF. A ceramic coating will guarantee that your car looks uniform and perfect.

UV Protection

PPF is intentionally NOT UV protective, because otherwise your paint would fade at different rates. Imagine how terrible it would look if the paint on front of your car (with PPF) was protected from the sun, while the rest was allowed to fade. Aesthetically, it looks better if all of your paint fades at the same rate.

That being said, it looks best if your paint doesn’t fade at all. Because ceramic coatings are applied to every square inch of paint, they can be UV protective. Not only does this protect your PPF (as we talked about above), but it also keeps your paint in factory-fresh condition.

Come to Island Detail for Your Ceramic Coating

If you decide that a ceramic coating is right for you (whether or not you go for PPF) make sure you get it done right. Island Color has been working on the cars of Vancouver Island residents for over 20 years, and have the tools and experience to get the job done right. Read here about the ceramic coating packages that are available at Island Color, and just send us a note here if you have any questions.

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