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Clarifying Headlight Restoration

With so many DIY options available, is professional headlight restoration really worth it?

Dull and cloudy headlights makes your vehicle look uncared for and reduces your visibility when driving at night, putting you and your vehicle’s occupants at risk. Headlights are slowly damaged and faded by dust, chemicals, UV radiation, and other mechanical and chemical means. With the exception of cracks or significant chips, headlights can quickly be restored to brand-new condition by professional technicians.

At Island Color, we get excited when are customers are enthusiastic about DIY solutions. We love nothing more than nerding out about vehicles with other motor-heads, but sometimes a professional job is really worth it. Before buying a DIY kit from the hardware store, here are a few things to consider.

Professional Restoration Results in Improved Safety

From a maintenance perspective, many of us take our headlights for granted. The sun sets, we turn them on, and light comes out… that’s it, right? In fact, headlight lenses are highly engineered components that are critical to your ability to see the road, pedestrians, animals, objects, and other vehicles. Foggy lenses reduce your ability to see, and to be seen.

Like the frog that doesn’t notice the water temperature slowly rising until it’s too late, you might not be aware of just how much light you are being deprived of, due to your foggy lenses.

Headlight Restoration is Cheaper Than You Think

Lots of auto repair jobs come with big price tags; knackered transmission? Collapsed suspension? Worn out tires? Those will cost you. However, headlight restoration is a relatively quick job that we can get done for less than $50 per lens. When you compare the small cost for a professional job to one of those lack-lustre DIY kits, the choice is easy.

Best Left to the Pros

Sometimes it’s great to get your hands dirty, but some jobs are best left to the pros who have the tools and experience to get it done right. Popular DIY methods provide incredibly short-lived results and certain methods (involving insect repellent and toothpaste) actually damage the lenses by chemically melting the plastic and wearing away the plastic.

Professional restoration products and methods use specific abrasives that refinish the lenses without unnecessary trauma. Only the pros can get the glass-like finish you desire without seriously damaging your headlights.


By using the correct products and following careful procedures, professional technicians avoid damaging seals, chrome, surrounding components, and the lens itself. Our methods can be used again and again on the same set of headlights, meaning you can avoid purchasing new lenses for years to come. We finish every job with a UV-resistant clear coat to prevent breakdown from radiation (think of this as a semi-permanent sunscreen for your headlights).

Headlight restoration will dramatically change the look and performance of your ride. Prepare for late-night summer driving by bringing your vehicle in, just give us a shout to set up an appointment. Headlight restoration is a same-day service, so you’ll be driving away with a newly polished rig in just a couple hours.

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