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Dealing With Trail Rash

Some people wear their trail rash as a badge of honour, others would prefer it wasn’t there.

Trail rash refers to the litany of scratches and scrapes that develop on the sides of our vehicles from driving on unkept dirt or gravel roads. Usually the culprits are low hanging branches or woody bushes that have overgrown the sides of the road, and you can usually hear the damage as it happens while they drag down the side of your paint. 

Some people think of trail rash as battle wounds that represent cool adventures and fun times. But, for those of us who also daily drive our adventure machines, those scratches and marks can be unsightly and annoying. Getting these marks fixed isn’t an issue if you know who to call. 

What makes this type of repair tricky is that some damage requires the meticulous attention of a detailer with the knowledge of different polishes. More significant damage will require the skilled hands of an automotive paint technician to perform full on paint repair. The good news is that Island Detail & Color is Vancouver Island’s #1 shop that does both detailing AND paint repair.

Here’s how we would go about repairing your trail-rashed ride at Island Detail & Color:

Paint Repair

We start the process by fixing the most serious damage. When the scratch is more than skin deep, we go though a restoration process to make everything like-new. By polishing down the area around the scratch and applying primer, paint, and clear coat, we can make everything flush. Our sophisticated colour matching guarantees that you won’t even be able to find where the scratch used to be.

Heavy Duty Detailing

Detailing trail rash is more intensive than a wash and a wax. Depending on how significant and pervasive the scuffing and scraping is, we may use a cut polish or be able to get rid of the damage with standard buffing. A clay bar treatment will deal with industrial fallout that collects from following big diesel rigs, and from natural fallout like tree sap.

2-Shops-in-1 For the Win

There are many great reasons to choose Island Detail & Color for your automotive needs, but one of the most compelling is that you get the benefit of working with two shops in one. Our painting experts can take care of the major damage and our master detailers will have your vehicle shining like never before. To set up an appointment, or just to get some questions answered, just give us a shout.

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