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Detail for Health and More

Consider the lesser-known benefits of automotive detailing.

Consider the day-to-day life of your vehicle’s interior. Every day your mats, seat upholstery, carpets, and trim deal with mud, dirt, water, food spills, pet hair, UV radiation, and more. Automotive detailers specialize in restoring your car inside and out. They know what they are doing, and have the necessary tools and supplies to get the job done right.

Scheduling a detail is more than just getting someone to clean your car. Having a consistently detailed car will increase the value of your car, improve the impression you make on friends and coworkers, and actually keep you healthier. Here’s proof.

Detailing Boosts Value

This one is obvious. If your car’s interior and exterior looks better, it is a sign for prospective buyers that the vehicle has been well cared for, and therefore commands a higher value. It’s important to note that it is much more effective to keep a car clean than it is to try and overhaul a car that has been let go. Buyers can tell the difference between a car that has been consistently detailed over its life, and a car that was dropped off at the shop yesterday for its first detail ever.

Secondly, any buyer that knows what they’re doing is going to have a peek under the hood. If they are met with a clean, oil and grime free engine bay, they will be filled with confidence. If the engine looks like it came out of a junkyard, they’ll probably pass. Nothing beats the look of a clean engine, and that’s a fact that you can’t afford to ignore.

How We Take Care of Your Engine:

  1. We use a list spray and scrub to get rid of any particulates like dirt and mud.
  2. We carefully wipe down the engine with a special shampoo and degreaser and give a final rinse.
  3. Once the engine has dried, we use protective compounds to keep any plastic, rubber, and silicone parts from cracking.

Look More Professional

Attracting new clients, ascending the corporate ladder, and gaining the respect of your colleagues depends on a combination of your portfolio and your overall impression. Like it or not, the way people perceive you has in incredible impact on your career. Showing up in a dirty, uncared for vehicle is like showing up wearing socks and sandals.

An ugly vehicle generates the impression of general negligence and unpreparedness. You don’t want to make a poor impression when it comes to your career, so it makes sense to invest in your vehicle.

Personal Health

On average, Canadians spend upwards of an hour and a half inside their vehicles every day. When you spend this much time anywhere, it’s worth considering the air quality of the environment. Studies have shown that the air we breathe while we drive is of poorer quality than the air we breathe at home or at work, and this isn’t just to do with the exhaust of the car in front of you.

Our cars’ interiors are hard to clean. All the fabric and carpets trap moisture and debris and quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The dashboard, steering wheel, cupholders, seat cushions, and car seats are all particularly notorious for germ growth.

What’s worse is that lots of the air we breathe in out vehicles is recirculated. That means that any germs that are festering in your vehicle’s ventilation system are quickly spewed out of your air vents. This is why it’s important to have your car kept clean and replace air filters often.

If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms on a recurring basis, it might be time to get your car’s interior properly cleaned:

  • Sinus infections
  • Colds and headaches
  • Nose, throat, and eye irritation
  • Asthma flare ups

In fact, we started offering an Ozone Treatment that is specially designed to remove odours, bacteria, and VIRUSES from your vehicle. Read more about that here.

Bring Your Detailing Projects to Island Detail

If you’re looking for the best, you need to hire a pro with the right experience. Here at Island Detail, we’ve been restoring and maintaining vehicles for over 20 years, and we’re the best around. For the ultimate in automotive detailing, check out our Complete Detail Package and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, we’re always happy to chat.

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