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How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last?

Here is what you can expect from your next high-quality ceramic coating

Lots of ceramic coating companies advertise the longevity of their products as a reason to buy – and with good reason. Waxes only last a few weeks, sealants not much longer, but coatings have been proven to last for years and years. Ceramic coatings are obviously the more durable choice – read more about ceramic coatings at Island Detail right here.

However, many people run into the claim that coatings are “permanent”, and believe that a single application will last for the entire lifetime of their vehicles. While there is an element of truth to this, we think it can be a misleading claim, so would like to clarify it for you.

Are Ceramic Coatings Permanent?

The reason why companies claim that their coatings are permanent is because of how the coatings bond with your paint. Rather than sitting on top of the paint, like a wax, ceramic coatings form a molecular bond with the clear coat of your vehicle. Unlike wax, which will degrade over time no matter what conditions it is subjected to, this molecular bond is truly permanent under laboratory conditions.

The problem is that no one drives under laboratory conditions. Our cars are constantly subject to chemical and mechanical stresses that attack whatever is on the outside of your car.

A Case Study

Imagine you are the proud owner of two identical Ferrari 458s (lucky you!). Each were purchased the same day, have the same paint, and had identical ceramic coatings applied to both vehicles. The only variable is that you park one of your Ferraris outside without a cover and drive it every day, while the other is kept under a cover in your temperature-controlled garage and only driven on sunny weekends.

Which coating will last longer? Obviously the garage-kept ceramic coating will last longer than the alternative. That isn’t because the bond is any worse, just that everyday exposure and wear and tear will degrade the coating.

Over time, hydrophobic properties will gradually decrease, and you will have to get the coating removed and reapplied.

Ceramic Coatings at Island Detail

We’ve been in the detailing game for over 20 years, so we have the experience necessary to properly prepare and apply ceramic coatings. The reputation we’ve build on Southern Vancouver Island speaks for itself – you can trust us to be upfront and honest.

At Island Detail, we are only interested in using top-of-the-line products to create breathtaking results. That is why we’ve partnered with EPIC Ceramic Coatings – we believe that they have the best products in the industry. To find out more about what makes ceramic coatings by Island Detail stand out, just give us a shout.

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