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Do You Actually Need an Autobody Shop?

How to know whether you really need to take your car in.

As if experiencing an accident isn’t bad enough, dealing with the damage caused by a minor collision is never an enjoyable experience. If you have recently been involved in a collision, especially a rear-end collision, there are specific areas you should check before getting back on the road. If your vehicle is free from these 3 most common issues, you can probably save some money and not go to an autobody shop.

Hidden Body Damage

Even if your bumper looks fine, there could be damage to critical components beneath the surface. The bumper cover on most modern vehicles provides very little protection for your car’s frame during an impact. It is not always advisable to rely on a quick visual inspection, so check behind your rear bumper cover and under the hood for more significant damage.

Alignment Issues

After a small accident, perhaps while driving away, try to pay attention to how your car is handling. If you notice that your vehicle is handling strangely, it is likely that your alignment is off. The most common symptoms of an alignment issue are uneven driving, steering wobble, vibration of the wheels, or the steering wheel pulling to one side. Alignment issues are serious safety hazards. If you think your car is suffering from an alignment issue, it is a good idea to bring the car into your local garage.

Rear Trunk Problems

If your trunk or rear hatch operated smoothly before the collision, but it isn’t working properly afterward, there may be some damage to rear cabin components. Honestly, this issue isn’t as serious of a safety hazard as hidden body damage or alignment issues, but it is definitely a reason to bring your car in. This type of damage will significantly reduce the resale value of your car, and could become a safety concern if the trunk opens while you are driving. A collision expert can repair this problem safely and quickly

If your car looks like the one in the picture, you definitely need to take it in. However, if your vehicle is free from the 3 issues discussed here after a small collision, and you don’t notice any other problems, you are probably fine to go with a small collision repair service from us. You can read more about it right here.

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