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Don't Delay Ding Repair

Getting dings and dents repaired as soon as you can is the right move for so many reasons.

All our vehicles are vulnerable to the environment around us. A carelessly opened door in a carpark, a distracted driver behind you in a traffic jam, or maybe an enthusiastic kid with NHL aspirations working on their snapshot in the driveway; these are all things that can damage your car and there is nothing you can do about it. Accumulating scratches and dents is far too easy.

When most people get large dents, like something you’d get in a minor collision, they immediately go to a trusted shop. Minor dings, on the other hand, often go ignored for far too long. Many people tell themselves they’ll get to it eventually, but it never ends up happening.

A few months go by, the repair slips your mind, and then you notice that that small ding is looking a lot worse than it used to. It is so easy to ignore small ding repair, but the problem is that you don’t know what’s going on underneath the damage.

Below we’ve compiled five reasons why it’s important to get even small dings repaired as soon as you can. We hope this list will inspire you to get the repairs you need, for the sake of your car and your wallet down the road.

Long-Term Paint Health

Think of a dent or ding in your car’s paint like an exposed wound. If ignored, it will not get better, it will only fester and get worse. Weather and everyday wear and tear will cause the damage to get worse. Eventually, you might even see the paint around the ding flaking and peeling away. If this happens, that small ding has turned into a big problem.

Resale Value

We tend to think of resale value only varying with the functionality of the vehicle. While it’s true that a car must run well to fetch a good price on the resale market, the outer appearance matters as well. Even if the ding has yet to turn into a peeling, rusty mess, an unprepared ding will have potential buyers questioning what else has escaped repair. Ding repair always pays for itself when you go to sell the car.


The primary function of paint is to protect the metal from rust. When even a small amount of paint is chipped away in a ding, it opens the door for rust to start its insidious behaviour. The biggest problem with rust is that it doesn’t just affect the area with the missing paint. Rust will spread out along the body panels underneath the paint, so by the time you notice any rust, you will likely be dealing with much more than you bargained for.

Save Money

Like with many automotive repairs, ding repair costs much less if done right away, rather than waiting until it can’t be put off any longer. If you bring your vehicle in a few days after the damage, the repair will be quick, easy, and inexpensive. If you let it sit for months or longer, especially in an area like Vancouver Island with so much humidity and salt in the air, the damage will have spread and we might be having a different conversation.


Potentially the most compelling reason to get dings fixed immediately is the safety of yourself and your vehicle’s occupants. Modern plastic bumpers are great at minimizing the impact of low-speed collisions, but they can actually mask more serious damage underneath. Even low-speed collisions can damage underlying metal and components. Getting damage repaired immediately means that your car gets a once over by professional eyes, who will be able to let you know if anything else looks to be in rough shape.

Finally, there is one more reason that it makes sense to get damage repaired immediately: pride. Driving a car with damaged panels or a messed up bumper is embarrassing. You will feel so much better about your vehicle if you just get it fixed. The next time someone bumps into your car with a shopping cart, or your kid’s slapshot doesn’t go exactly where they were aiming, don’t delay the repair. Bring your vehicle to Island Color so we can assess and repair the damage. Our paint matching technology ensures that the repair will be flawless, and you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

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