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What to Do Before Selling

This is how to get the most value out of your used car.

Alright, so it’s time to sell your car. Maybe you are looking for an upgrade in luxury or performance, or maybe it is time for a different style of vehicle – whatever the case, you undoubtedly want to get as much value out of the sale as possible. The best way to ensure that you get offers quickly and that the offers represent the true value of your vehicle is to fix any blemishes or mechanical issues before putting it on the market. Check out these three areas that are often overlooked by sellers on the used car market.


While a cosmetic issue may not directly affect how the car works (although paint chips can lead to serious corrosion issues), they are often seen as signs that the car wasn’t well cared for. This is a serious red flag for buyers. Things like worn or chipped paint, small dents in the body panels, or chips in the windshield will dissuade potential buyers from considering your vehicle. Put yourself in their shoes: would you buy a car that looked like it had been neglected?

Simple cosmetic repairs are vital to getting the full value from your used car. You will be rewarded for investing in your car buy having more interested buyers at a higher price. If you notice any paint chips on your vehicle, have no fear. Dings in the bumper? No problem.


Any serious buyer is going to want to take your vehicle for a test ride. Next time you drive your car, pay close attention to any performance issues; does my car accelerate the way it used to? Does it stop smoothly? Does it start easily? Does it steer properly? Do all the interior systems work?

If you have any hesitations regarding those questions, it is a good idea to search out a fix. No one wants to buy a lemon, so make sure your car is working properly to give buyers confidence.

Engine Maintenance

Informed buyers will want to look under the hood. A great way to inspire confidence and command a higher price is to make sure that the engine bay is in great condition. New filters, belts, and hoses are cheap and make a fantastic impression. Spending a little time cleaning your engine bay will go a long way in improving the desirability of your vehicle.

For those in need of automotive repairs, whether for everyday use or if you are planning on selling your vehicle and getting the best possible offers, give us a shout. We will have your vehicle in fantastic condition, so you can get the best value possible.

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