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Getting Ready for Rain and Winter

Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle fall and winter.

If you were on the Island last week, you might have noticed the Biblical deluge of rain that dumped on all of us. None of us at Island Detail can recall a year when the fall rains started with such a bang! Whenever the fall rains start, even in less dramatic fashion, we are always asked by people, “what is the best way to prepare my vehicle for the rain and the winter?”

This question fundamentally comes down to a comparison between different products, the most popular being wax and ceramic coatings. Here’s what you need to know about the wax vs ceramic coating debate.

Paste Wax, Liquid Wax, and Spray Wax

Spray wax is convenient and quick to apply. Most professional detailers agree that spray wax alone is not enough to protect your vehicle, but it is adequate as a touch-up between applications of paste or liquid wax.

Paste wax still offers the best protection out of any wax products, but modern liquid waxes are closing the gap. The protection offered by paste and liquid wax is especially important during the winter when rain, sleet, snow, and salt assault your vehicle’s paint. In harsh conditions, or with regular driving, wax needs to be applied monthly to offer adequate protection.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings have become the new gold standard in paint protection, as they are a longer lasting and higher performing alternative to wax. Wax sits on top of your paint and is broken down and worn off after a few weeks. On the other hand, ceramic coatings form a molecular bond with your vehicle’s clear coat. This bond is permanent and your ceramic coating will maintain peak performance for YEARS, rather than weeks.

In addition to chemical resistance and UV protection, ceramic coatings provide unparalleled hydrophobicity and gloss. Rain water won’t be able to cling to your paint, and neither will dirt or mud. Cleaning your vehicle will be easier than ever and you will constantly be amazed by how beautiful your vehicle looks. Read about high quality ceramic coatings right here.

Which for Winter

Wax can offer sufficient protection, but only if a regular schedule of maintenance and reapplication is adhered to. If wax isn’t reapplied, your paint will become vulnerable to the elements.

Ceramic coatings are harder than wax and therefore offer superior protection. In addition to protecting better, ceramic coatings are a “set it and forget it” solution – no reapplications, no fussing. If you demand uncompromising paint protection and easy maintenance, then ceramic coatings are for you. Get in touch with Island Detail for any questions you have about how to maintain the condition of your vehicle.

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