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How Long Does Dent Repair Take?

While there are many factors that affect the timeline of your repair, it really just comes down to one thing.

Unless this is your first time visiting our blog, you will understand how important it is the dents and dings on your vehicle get fixed. Serious issues can be lurking underneath seemingly minor damage, and a small chip or ding can quickly lead to rust – a much bigger problem than a simple ding.

A major factor that prevents people from getting their vehicle’s minor damage repaired is not wanting to be without their vehicles for any length of time. We get it – even during this time where you aren’t going out as much as usual, being unable to use your car for even a couple days can be very unnerving.

One reason why Island Color is such a popular paint and small collision repair shop is that we are realistic and up front with our customers. When you bring your car by, we will give you an idea of the timeline you are looking at for repairs, and we will stick to that timeline. More often than not, the people we talk to are surprised by how quickly we can get the work done.

How Long Does Dent Repair Take?

Standard dent repair can take anywhere from a couple days to 2 weeks. The biggest factor that contributes to the repair timeline is paint work – that is why paintless dent repair can happen so fast.

Once the damage is repaired and the surface is perfectly smooth, the technician can begin painting. The first coat is a primer, which provides a surface onto which the paint can bind. Next comes the paint, our technicians will mix up a batch of paint specifically for your vehicle – this is where the art of colour matching comes into play. The worth of a shop can be seen in how well it achieves flawless colour matching. After that, we apply two coats of clear coat to protect the paint and repair, and also give it a beautiful gloss.

Between each application of primer, paint, and clear coat, the surface must dry completely. Combine this with the time it takes for us to colour match, and it becomes clear why this type of repair can take more than an afternoon.

Paintless Dent Repair

If the damage to your vehicle qualifies for paintless dent repair, you are in luck! Not only will the repair be undetectable (it will look like nothing ever happened), but you could be in and out of the shop in a couple hours.

Most damage that occurs in everyday scenarios (parking lot door dings, minor fender benders, etc.) can be done without paintwork. As you can imagine, this saves tons of time. Read here to learn more about how we get perfect results from paintless dent repair.

Get the Local Pros

Although the timeline of your repair is certainly an important factor in where you choose to get the work done, quality should be your primary motivating factor. When it comes to your vehicle, it’s worth searching out the best in your area, and for Vancouver Island, that’s Island Color. We’ve been trusted by Islanders for over 20 years, so you can count on us to deliver quality work, at a reasonable price, as fast as possible. What’s better than that? Just give us a call or send us a message, we’re always happy to chat.

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