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What’s In A First Impression?

Every detail matters. We can help.

The importance of auto detailing is often overlooked because it takes a small investment of time and money. However, properly performed detailing will greatly enhance your vehicle, especially when you consider that protecting your vehicle’s paint is the first step to preserving your investment for years to come.

Proper cleaning, polishing and waxing will greatly extend the life of your vehicle’s paint. Your paint is more than cosmetic, it also protects the metal components of your car from damaging rust and corrosion. Click here to find in-depth information on our detailing services.

Protection and Peace of Mind

Getting into a maintenance routine of applying a coat of wax or sealant will keep your paint looking beautiful and costs a lot less than having to repair damage to your vehicle in the future. The factory paint job is far better quality than most aftermarket alternatives. Aftermarket paint jobs have a different chemical composition and tend to be softer than the factory paint and more vulnerable to dings, swirls and scratches.

Preserves Resale Value

Regular detailing preserves your vehicle’s paint and improves the resale value. Having your vehicle detailed before showing it to prospective buyers can result in up to a thousand more dollars in your pocket. A clean and shiny paint job, detailed interior, and detailed engine compartment will give potential buyers confidence that your vehicle has been cared for and hasn’t been neglected.

A vehicle that appears neglected on the outside implies it’s been neglected in all areas, making it much more difficult to sell for a fair price.

First Impressions Matter

Driving a clean, well-turned-out vehicle is fun. It just makes sense that when you take pride in your car, you’ll get more pleasure out of driving it more than when it’s dirty. Detailing is like giving your car a makeover. Similar to a makeover, a detail will allow you to project confidence and professionalism. A detailed vehicle shows you care, give attention to detail, and promotes a positive image all of which come into play if you ever use your vehicle for business. First impressions are so important and you’ll earn instant credibility with your customers who will appreciate getting into a clean vehicle.

Proper detailing helps to keep your car looking great inside and out, it makes driving it safe and fun and maintains the car’s resale value. To learn more about the benefits of a professional detail, contact our talented staff at Island Detail and Color today.

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