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Paint by Numbers
Way different than your childhood paint set.

Island color was founded in 1992 and has been serving beautiful greater Victoria, BC for over 22 years. We began as a mobile-only paint company, using four vans to service as much of lower Vancouver Island as we possibly could. As our clientele grew, so did our need for a stand alone shop. Today we have two buildings on Princess Avenue in Victoria offering complete detailing and paint restoration.

When you start to dig into the numbers behind our company some unbelievable statistics come to the surface. Our mobile team as driven over 1,000,000 kilometres so that we can offer the convenience of on site car painting and damage repair right to our customers’ doors. We are a team of 7 in the paint shop, representing a combined 65 years experience in auto painting and repair. The shop paints over 100 cars per week, and when combined with our detailing crew, we have serviced over 200,000 vehicles.

We currently offer 14 specific paint and restoration services (see our full list here), going through over $10,000 worth of paint a month. Our paint code inventory includes millions of paint codes to help us service virtually every make and model of car produced in history.

Want to learn more? Our car wash shop Island Detail has some interesting inner workings as well.

Paint by Numbers

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