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Pain(t) Free Dent Removal

When to use it, and why.

It doesn’t matter how careful of a driver you are, in your lifetime, your vehicle will pick up the odd ding or dent. It’s just part of the reality of driving and yet nobody wants to drive around in a dinged up car. Admittedly, who wants to spend a ton of money on expensive auto-body repair?

For 25 years, Island Color has been helping Victoria drivers get their vehicles back to pristine condition after damage to rims, bumpers, and fenders. Every now and then, we bring in some help from our friends in the Paintless Dent Repair field to help us with a job. Below you will find the traditional options available to you to get your car up and running for less than a major body shop repair. If your vehicle picks up a dent, you at least know you have options.

Traditional Body Shop Repair

Some people go right to the top- traditional autobody repair. This course of action makes sense if your car has sustained large dents, impact to the frame or serious damage in a collision. Body shops are specially equipped to assess the damage and usually the remedy is to sand the paint down to metal, repair the damage with bondo, re-paint the area, and polish thoroughly. This process is likely to take at least leave you without a car for a few days and will costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. The work will be top notch, but it may affect your insurance premiums.

Island Color Repairs

At Island Color we specialize in repairs we can perform at body shop quality without the body shop price tag. We aim to have all repairs done for less than your deductible, and we have a big menu of repairs available to us. From Bumpers, to Rims, Headlights, Mouldings, and door jams, we can sort them all out for a fraction of the cost of a big body shop. Body Shops are extremely valuable for big stuff, but are not cost effective for the little things.

Paintless Dent Repair

Every now and then we need to call in our friends in the paintless dent repair industry to help out a client. We do this when a small dent is in the middle of a large panel, and to paint it would mean prepping, filling, priming, and then painting the entire panel to hide the correction. This is very time consuming and expensive. But, if the dent has no hard edges, it can often be massaged out from the inside, smoothing out the surface without the need for paint. Anytime we can help a customer save some money and get a perfect repair, we are happy to call in our friends to get it done.

Check out the details about dent repair at Island Color right here.

The Moral of the Story

Minor dings and dents to the body of our vehicle are aggravating, but if left unattended can result in paint damage and rust which can impact the lifespan of your car and lower it’s resale value.

It’s best to get a fair assessment and evaluation of the dent, and deal with it straight away. When you need to repair body damage, just contact Island Detail and Color and we’ll be happy to give you a fair and free estimate. We stand behind our work and guarantee you will be over the moon when you see the quality of our work.

Need a quote or an appointment? Hit us up today, we would love to hear from you.

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