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Parking Lot Hit-and-Run

You return to your newly damaged vehicle with an armful of groceries, and the guilty party is nowhere to be seen.

Returning to your car after doing your weekly shop and finding a scuffed bumper or a ding in your door is beyond frustrating. If you’re lucky, the person responsible for damaging your car will have left a note or even be waiting there to exchange information and help you get the damage repaired.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are as honourable as we may be during the same situation. We talk with many clients who returned to a damaged vehicle and found no indication of who may be responsible. To be fair, the guilty party might not be some evil ne’er-do-well – it’s definitely possible that the person who hit you was unaware that they damaged your car. Either way, it leaves you in the same awkward position.

Should You Talk to Insurance?

This can be a murky area for getting insurance coverage. Your car wasn’t moving, so your insurer could argue that collision coverage doesn’t apply. If you understand your policy and think you can get coverage, it could be worth talking to your insurance, paying the deductible, and going to a recommended body shop.

The problem with insurance is that the deductibles are often more costly than the repair, so you might be wasting your time and money. In addition to the upfront cost, making claims can increase your future premiums, leading to even more expense down the road.

There is a Better Way

If the damage is minor, you should look into getting the repair done without entangling your insurer. A shop like Island Color has been doing minor collision repair for decades, and can often get the work done for less than your deductible. That means you save time, money, and headaches.

The process is made even easier by getting a quote without having to leave the driveway. Simply snap a picture of the damage (please take a few angles) and send the pictures to us through our contact page. When we get back to you, we will be able to let you know if the damage is something we can repair, and also provide you with a quote.

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