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Recent Work

See images from the paint & detail shops

Fender Collision Repair

Did you know we can perform small collision repair at Island Color? The results are stunning!

Mini Cooper Rims

Mini Cooper rims, completely resurfaced in just one day at the shop. Returned looking factory fresh!

Before & After: Civic Trunk Lid

This trunk lid was an absolute mess. Click above and watch it completely transform to a factory finish.

Before & After: Rims & Tint

A fun collaboration. Rims and tint to match the paint on this BMW. Murdered out and looking insane.

Before & After: Rear Quarter

Rear bumper and rear quarter panel before and after. Done in a flash for a fraction of a body shop fee.

Bumper Repair Before & After

Our bread and butter. Bumper repairs from mangled to pristine in one day for less than your deductible.

Matching Motocycle Rims

We can match any colour under the sun for your next custom project. These rims are a perfect example.

Tri-Coat Rims: Before, During, & After

Smokey, tri-coated rims, completely restored, primed, and painted to a perfect factory quality match. Click!

Before & After: Hood

A chipped and rusting car hood resprayed in our shop. For less than your deducible it like brand new again!

Before & After: Spoiler

A sad, faded and worn out spoiler was just brought back to life in the paint shop. A stunning transformation!

Before & After: Rims

4 Rims, completely stripped, repaired, primed, and painted right before your eyes. You gotta see this!

Before and After: Bumper Repair

Island Color’s famous bumper repair. For less than your deductible, even a cracked bumper is made new again.

Before, During, & After: Bumper

Bumper repair before, during, & after. Cracked and gouged when it came in, pristine by day's end.

Exterior Detail: Rear Spoiler

Spoiler Alert! When plastic parts face the sun for years on end you will be surprised at how they fade.

Before and After: Bumper Repair

Island Color's famous bumper repair. Brought back from oblivion for less than your deductible. Amazing!

Before and After: Rocker Panel

This panel repair rocks! Restored to factory condition for less money, and in less time that you would ever think.

Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

When the door leaves the jam you begin to see a new dimension in exterior car maintenance.

Dodge Viper

With its wide body and squat stance, the Dodge Viper stands as one of the most aggressive supercars available today.

Ford GT

The Ford GT is a legend reborn. 40 years later and 3 inches taller, it turns heads and drops jaws.

Before, During, & After

Watch this humble Mazda transform before your eyes during an 8 hour Complete inside and out detail.
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