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Island Detail Hand Wash

The quickest, most affordable, and most important piece of regular exterior car maintenance is hand washing.  Unfortunately it can be a bit of a schlep if you don’t have the space or tools to get it done at home, and the more you put it off the more intensive the labour is to get it clean again.

Removing dirt, salt, chemicals, pollution, and debris from your car’s paint and clear coat will prolong its life, reduce chips and swirl marks, delay rust, and fill you with pride about your vehicle’s appearance. It can be tempting to drive through the car wash, but the automated systems never get all the grime off your car, they are expensive, and once the car air dries it can look worse than when you started. A hand wash and dry by a professional is the fastest and most efficient way to get clean and be ready to hit the road in no time. Let’s see what is involved:

Hand Wash
$20Truck $25
Rim and wheel clean, hand washed and hand dried. We use non-abrasive soaps to ensure your vehicle’s paint and wax are not compromised. So affordable!

What's Involved

The hand wash is a simple service with fantastic results. It starts by spraying down the entire car, removing as much dirt and debris as possible to avoid scratches when we lather the car.

Then we hand wash your vehicle’s rims and tires, windows, lights, and all body panels. We use non-abrasive soaps to ensure your vehicle’s paint and wax are not compromised. After we wash, we rinse thoroughly to avoid any soap spots.

After the rinse we hand dry the entire vehicle with micro fibre cloths. There will be no streaks, smears, or water spots after a car is washed, rinsed, and hand dried, and when you compare the results to an automatic car wash the difference is staggering.

Benefits of Hand Washing

While automatic car washes have advanced greatly in the past decade, their lack of contact tends to greatly hinder their ability to completely clean a vehicle. What this means is that in most cases, a professional hand washing will be more effective at removing dirt and grime than an automatic car wash.

Even more importantly than that, when you leave a car wash with a wet car, by the time you drive home the car is covered in water spots and streaks. A hand wash followed by a complete hand dry of the exterior of your car guarantees a bumper to bumper shine that will last until the next rain.

Quick Clean FAQ

Do I need an appointment?

We can get you in on the same day, but give us a call or send us an email and we can hold a spot in line for you.

Are there ever extra charges?

No extra charges, but you can add in dog hair removal for an extra $35. You can also step up to a full exterior detail or complete car detail if you need to take things to the next level. Check out the other services here.

How long does it take?

You can be in and out in about 20 minutes, faster than getting out your hose and gum boots. Just give us a call and we can get you in for a hand wash today.

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