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The Interior Detail Package

There are plenty of reasons to have your car detailed, that is for sure. You might be going to a wedding or taking a trip, picking up a date or having a reunion at the airport. Many of these events inspire an exterior detail, so that you roll up looking tight, classy, and in control. The other reason to have your car detailed is more personal and reflexive, and that is when you are looking for calm and quiet enjoyment of your car or truck.

The interior is the area that only YOU see, and when clients are looking for regaining control over their mess, returning to a new car smell, fit, and finish, they opt for our interior detail package. Restoring the interior to its original glory is extremely satisfying, driving afterwards is serene, and the transformation is often unbelievable. Read on to see how we do it and how you can  set up an appointment. Treat yourself!

Interior Detail
$300/ $345 Truck $375 Van
Includes carpet & seat shampooing, vinyl & leather conditioning, toothbrush cleaning intricate areas and odor removal. You will be blown away by the result. Starting prices above.

What's Involved

During the interior detail package we work from the top down to bring new life to a well used vehicle. First, all of the windows are washed and dried to a streak free shine, making sure the transition from your vehicle’s interior to its exterior is as seamless and beautiful as possible.

Once we work our way down to the dashboard we begin with a vinyl and leather conditioning treatment. Interior detailing consists of three main parts: Cleaning, protecting, and dressing. We start with a thorough clean of the dashboard and centre console, using tools as small as toothbrushes to remove dirt and grime from every visible crack and crevice. We then apply products to help protect your vinyl or leather from fading, brittleness, cracking, peeling and stains. We finish by dressing the whole cockpit to give it the same shine it had the day it rolled off the lot.

The upholstery and carpets are up next, and they require the deepest and most thorough cleaning of all. Our technicians shampoo the carpets and seats with powerful commercial grade cleaners that remove dirt, stains, and odours that are hiding deep within the fabric.  The process is repeated without the water and shampoo until all of the carpets are as dry as possible. By removing moisture, dirt, and stains, odours from years of use are washed away and the soft suppleness of the fabric returns.

The final piece of the interior detail puzzle is optional but highly recommended for pet owners. This is of course pet hair removal. Even the most powerful vacuums cannot pull pet hair from the fabric and carpet of a vehicle. It becomes tangled in the fibres and needs to be physically pulled away. Our team uses a special hair removal tool that catches the hairs as you rub it over the surface. Every inch of the car is rubbed down by hand to lift all of the hair from the tangles of the carpet leaving it like new. A must have option, especially if you are planning on selling your car or returning off lease.

Interior Detail FAQ

Are there ever extra charges?

Only extra charges for vehicles with a unique challenge, we would let you know in advance. Extra charge for pet hair removal is $35-$75 depending on the size of the vehicle and severity of the service needed.

How long does it take?

This is definitely a job that can be done same day. You can expect the service to take anywhere from 2-4 hours deepening on how many treatments it will take at each stage of the cleaning process. If you bring the car in the morning you can expect it back in the afternoon as good as new.

Do I need an appointment?

You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email and we can let you know when you can drop off your car to ensure you get it back in the same day.

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