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Spring is Rough on Paint

Here’s a guide to make sure you car gets through spring unharmed and ready for summer.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in Victoria, BC, spring is one of the most magical times of year. The cherry blossoms bloom, songbirds start to sing, and temperatures improve. After months of rain and snow, nothing is better than that first spring morning when the sun shines and everything seems brighter. Unfortunately, nothing comes without cost. Spring is probably the most damaging time of year for your car’s paint.

In order to keep your paint job as pristine as possible through the spring season, you need to be aware of the things that damage your car’s paint. Here’s what to watch out for this spring.


Pollen can be as damaging to your car’s paint as it is annoying to your sinuses. Tiny particles of pollen can scratch your paint, and can settle in the microscopic pores of your clear coat. Preventing these issues is easy, wash your car often, and use the two bucket car wash method.

Tree Sap

Once the harsh winter temperatures are done, the trees wake up and produce more sap. If any sap is dripped onto your car, which is likely in the densely foliaged neighbourhoods of Victoria, BC, you need to get it off immediately. Use rubbing alcohol and a microfibre towel to get rid of sap before it gets baked on by the sun.

Road Debris

The significant temperature fluctuations that occur during winter, as well as the constant salting and plowing of snow and ice, is very hard on roads. Road maintenance is difficult to do when it’s rainy, so many municipalities postpone this task until it warms up. That means that spring is often the worst time of year for road debris.

All this means that your car is more likely to get a paint chip or ding during spring than any other time of year. Chip repair needs to happen as soon as possible, or else you are opening the door for rust. At Island Color, we have the experience and tools necessary to provide you with a quick, flawless repair – click here for more info.

Bugs and Bird Droppings

Both of these flying creatures can cause significant damage to your paint, albeit in different ways. Splattered bugs, typically on your front end, will release acidic compounds onto your paint unless cleaned off. These acids will burn through the clear coat and leave your paint exposed, unless cleaned off with soap and water.

Bird droppings present similar problems to your car’s finish. Make sure to clean off bird droppings and splattered bugs as soon as you notice them. It’s easier to clean this residue off when it’s fresh, and it won’t have time to damage your paint.

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