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Are Ceramic Coatings Invincible?

Wild claims and false promises abound – here’s what you can actually expect from ceramic coatings.

The automotive detailing world has been buzzing about ceramic coatings for a couple years now. While it’s obvious from the thousands of YouTube videos and personal testimonials that the benefits of ceramic coatings are amazing, it is important to understand their limitations as well.

What follows is a detailed list of what you can realistically expect from professional-quality ceramic coatings.


Hydrophobic is a fancy word for “extremely water repellent”, like the way rain beads off a brand new jacket. You’ve probably noticed beads of water sticking to the surface of your untreated car, especially if it’s been a while since it’s last wax. However, ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, meaning that water is instantly repelled from the surface of your vehicle.

This means that you can finally stop worrying about water spots – if the water can’t cling, it also can’t stain.

Mud and Dirt Repellent

Mud and dirt only sticks to an untreated car because of the adhesive properties of the water in the mud. In other words, if water can’t stick to your car, neither can mud or dirt. The same repellent principles apply to snow and ice.

Prevent UV Damage, Rust, and Oxidation

Powerful UV radiation from the sun fades your car’s paint through a process called “oxidation”. We’ve written about oxidation right here. UV radiation is also strong enough to break down your car’s clear coat, leaving your vehicle’s body vulnerable to rust. Ceramic coatings are UV protective, meaning that your clear coat and paint will remain safe from UV damage.


Ceramic coatings form a molecular bond with your car’s surface. The bond is so strong that it can’t be dislodged or vibrated off by mechanical means. Unless intentionally removed with specific chemical treatments, ceramic coatings form a permanent bond.

What Can’t Ceramic Coatings Do?

Contrary to what some salespeople might have said to you, ceramic coatings can’t actually do everything. They aren’t a magic solution that will protect your vehicle from all harm and last for the next 3 decades. Sadly, they wont’ make your car fly either.

A vehicle with a ceramic coating is still vulnerable to large rock chips and serious dings. Treated vehicles still need to be dusted, washed and cleaned. What you will notice is that washing your car will be faster and easier than ever before, and that the results will be better than you can imagine.

If you are ready for ceramic coatings to make your life easier and your car more beautiful, just get in touch.

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