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Why Do People Get Ceramic Coatings?

The value of ceramic coatings extends much further than the beautiful aesthetic.

Automotive ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest technology in paint protection. For many motorists, ceramic coatings have led to them questioning the point of waxing their vehicles. The only way to decide if ceramic coatings are right for you is to analyze the specific benefits that they offer.

Performance-wise, ceramic coatings can’t be beaten, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are for everyone. Check out the information below to her you decide if you’re better off with coatings or traditional wax.

Premium Performance

Ceramic coatings are also referred to as “nano-ceramic coatings” or “nanocoatings”; this is because they form a molecular bond with the vehicle’s clear coat. The bond is permanent, meaning the coating can not just peel off. The strength of the bond means that once a coating is applied, it will be there for years. Imagine having a beautiful glossy coat of paint without having to wax your car every two weeks.

Here is a brief comparison of the performance characteristics of ceramic coatings and traditional wax.

Chemical Resistance: Wax is vulnerable to chemical damage caused by corrosive agents such as tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, and industrial fallout. Ceramic coatings are inert, meaning they will not be broken down by chemical means. Ceramic coatings keep your vehicle safe by shrugging off harmful substances.

Heat Resistance: Carnauba wax will melt at about 80 degrees Celsius. Given that the paint on vehicles parked in direct sun (particularly those with dark paint jobs) can easily reach that temperature, carnauba wax provides insufficient protection for hot days. Ceramic coatings can withstand heat in excess of 700 degrees, so you have nothing to worry about.

Self-Healing: High-end ceramic coatings have self-healing qualities, meaning that they can regenerate after a scratch, protecting your clear coat from minor abrasion. Wax is so soft that it does nothing to protect your vehicle from even light scratches.

Durability: To maximize its effectiveness, wax needs reapplication every month or so. This is labour-intensive and time-consuming. High-quality ceramic coatings can last for over 5 years, meaning you can spend less time polishing your car and more time enjoying it.

We understand that many people dismiss ceramic coatings because of the relatively high one-time expense. Although a bottle of wax is cheaper than an installation of ceramic coatings, when you consider the time you will be saved by not having to constantly wax your vehicle and the incredible performance benefits, we believe that ceramic coatings speak for themselves.

Check out more details of the specific coatings we deal with at Island Detail right here.

If you think it’s time to invest in your vehicle’s future, just give us a call or send us a message. We’re happy to talk about what method of paint protection is right for you and your ride.

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