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Why Rock Chip Repair Matters

Rock chips and other minor paint damage are easy to ignore, but here’s why you need to pay attention.

Dealing with unexpected maintenance and repairs is a frustrating part of owning a vehicle. With regular use, dents, scrapes, dings, and scratches are unavoidable. Especially in the summer, when tree branches become extra intrusive and road construction increases.

Even the most innocent little blemishes deserve your attention, for more than aesthetic reasons. If you live in the wet, humid climate of Southern Vancouver Island, this advice goes double. Keep reading to learn more about how small blemishes can lead to big headaches.

Don’t Ignore Paint Damage

There are the true motor-heads among us who will be sent into a blind rage at the slightest smudge or nick on their vehicle’s exterior. Generally speaking, these folks don’t need any extra encouragement to come in and get their paint taken care of with a quick and easy paint repair service.

Most folks, on the other hand, primarily see their vehicles as a way from A-to-B, and aren’t hugely bothered by slight aesthetic problems. The important thing for these people to learn is that if small damage isn’t repaired promptly, it can and will open the door to more significant damage that will require more costly repairs.

Rust will quickly spread beneath paint, so you won’t know the extent of the damage until you start to see large areas of external paint flaking away. Will you end up with a frisbee sized hole in your body panel? Probably not, but dealing with any paint damage is cheaper the sooner you get to it.

Stress-Free Repairs

Island Color is your local paint repair expert. We pride ourselves on treating each person that comes to our shop with personal care, recommending the services we think will deliver the best results and value for their specific problems. Our reputation for honesty and performance has let our business flourish for over 20 years, and we look forward to the next 20. We’re always here to answer your questions, just give us a shout.

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