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Why We Won’t Coat Without Paint Correction

Here is why no reputable shop will offer a ceramic coating without a paint correction.

Anyone who’s been doing research about ceramic coatings will run into a common piece of information: that before a ceramic coating can be applied to a vehicle, the vehicle needs a full paint correction or touch-up service. However, many sources neglect to tell us why this is necessary, after all, shouldn’t the ceramic coating take care of any paint irregularities for us?

The answer to this ultimately comes down to understanding what a ceramic coating is, and what it is capable of doing.

What a Ceramic Coating Does

After watching videos of people sloshing mud all over their cars, and seeing it immediately vanish, and listening to flashy ads and sales pitches, many people get the impression that a ceramic coating is a magic solution that will heal any paint issue you might have.

Let us be the first to tell you, that this is not true. Think of ceramic coatings more as a tool of unprecedented power to enhance and protect your vehicle’s paint. In other words, ceramic coatings don’t change, alter, or affect your paint at all – they simply protect what’s there. Read more about what ceramic coatings can and can’t do right here.

Correct Your Paint Once and For All

The ability of ceramic coatings to protect your paint from everyday wear and tear blows everything else out of the water – including waxes and sealants. Coatings are far more durable than anything else on the market, which is a huge reason why they are so desirable.

Waxes are too soft and leave your paint vulnerable to chemical and environmental damage, and sealants just don’t last very long. Once a ceramic coating is applied, it lasts for YEARS because the polymers form a molecular bond with your clear coat and the performance benefits (hydrophobicity) don’t degrade with age. Here are the details on ceramic coating packages at Island Detail.

Come to Island Detail

By correcting your paint before an application of a ceramic coating, we are preparing to seal in perfection – this is why it’s so important to get the job done by detailing pros. You don’t want a sub-par shop to be applying a ceramic coating, because they won’t be able to adequately prepare your car. Island Detail has been taking care of Vancouver Island’s finest vehicles for over 2 decades, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. To get started on your project, just give us a shout.

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