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Bumper Repair is Important

…and here is why:

With proper care an maintenance, our vehicles can have incredibly long lifespans. Regular maintenance procedures, which includes repairs to the powertrain, electrics, interior, chassis, and body. Unfortunately, bumpers are an often-overlooked part of our car-care routines. It’s easy to skip out on repairing bumpers that have been damaged by small collisions or flying road debris. However, repairing your bumper as soon as it is damaged can save you money down the road; keep reading to find out why. (And click here to see how we do it)

Vehicle Value

The damage from a small fender-bender, although it may seem to be merely cosmetic, can significantly reduce the value of your vehicle. To maintain the resale value of your vehicle after a small collision, make sure to bring it into a licensed autobody repair shop. Reshaping the bumper will have your car looking like new again, as well as give the technician the opportunity to inspect for more serious damage that you might have missed.

Eliminate Future Problems

Seemingly insignificant bumper damage can quickly lead to serious problems. A damaged bumper may expose critical parts of your car, such as the subframe, to the elements. If this results in rust, the safety of your vehicle has been seriously compromised and you are in for an urgent and costly repair. If your bumper is hanging on by its fingertips, it could fall off while you are driving. This is a potential hazard for yourself, as well as other road users. For such a simple and quick fix, it makes sense to deal with damaged bumpers before they lead to a bigger problem.


Imagine you were in the market for a used car, and you saw an advertisement for a vehicle with a damaged bumper. How likely are you to make an offer? Unattended bumper damage is a huge red flag for people buying a used car, as it could be an indication of more serious neglect. If you ever intend to sell your car, investing in its appearance is a crucial part of the process.

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why it is important to take care of your vehicle’s bumper. The bumper (as the name suggests) is primarily a safety feature to absorb energy during an accident. At Island Colour, bumper repairs are quick and affordable. Check out some info on our bumper repair service right here.

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