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Winter is Coming
5 of the easiest way to prepare your vehicle for winter.

Rust Proofing

Rust is a sneaky beast to deal with. We have all seen cars completely rusted out on the side of the road or abandoned in a ditch, and we can picture doors with huge holes rusted out with only a hint of original paint showing. The interesting thing is that rust actually starts to accumulate on a car very early in ownership, it is just hidden away inside the floor panels, inside the doors, and underneath the wheel wells so it is impossible to see.

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Rim Repair

Since there are new laws in place requiring winter tires for many BC highways, you will have your summer rims off of your car in the next month or so when you make the switch. This is a perfect time to bring them in for a repair of road rash, scrapes, and dings. We can smooth them out and make them like new again, change the colour, or even give them a hydrographic dip. Anything you could need, at the perfect time of year.

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Headlight Restoration

As the weather starts to get worse through the rainy and (sometimes) snowy season here in Victoria, it is a good idea to do a bit of preventative maintenance to make sure we all stay safe on the roads and highways. Over time, the external UV coating on the headlight lenses of your vehicle will become opaque or yellow. You will lose up to 70% of the light output of your headlights, making it harder to see while driving at night, and harder for oncoming motorists to see you as well.

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Paint Chip Repair

Winter means salt on the roads, and salt and water on your vehicle mean the perfect recipe for rust. Take this opportunity before the winter season to have your paint chips filled to help protect your vehicle’s body from rust before it has a chance to take hold. It is quick and cheap, makes your car look better and protects it along the way.

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