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Project Description

Damaged bumpers come in all shapes and sizes. More often then not, they are just scraped. That usually happens when someone makes contact with your bumper while they are parallel parking or you skim the side of a support post in a parking garage.

Other times, you get the kind of damage you see above. This one has actual structural damage caused by a significant impact.

When a bumper like this comes into the shop we reshape and restore the cracked and otherwise damaged area, then we sand, paint, and clear coat to create a perfect match with the rest of the bumper. After a bit of expert blending the repairs are impossible to see, even if you know where to look.

Bumper Repair

We spend around 6 hours grinding, reshaping, sanding, painting and clear coating a damaged bumper like the one above. When it is finished, the repair is undetectable, and done for less than your deductible. It can be a great idea, especially when your lease is up or it is time to sell your car.

Interested in restoring your damaged bumper? Send us a note and we can get started today.

Prices: Bumper Repair $250

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